10 Biggest Mistakes New Shih Tzu Parents Make

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When you get a new Shih Tzu, you may feel overcome and overwhelmed by their cuteness. You want to cuddle them and you want to love them as much as possible. That infatuation may lead to some terrible mistakes, though. New owners of any dog will make mistakes, but how you handle those mistakes is what matters. Start doing the right thing, for you and your dog, to make sure that your pup is well-behaved and a good friend for the family.

The 10 Biggest Mistakes that New Shih Tzu Owners Make are:

1. Not Training Soon Enough

Every dog, including small puppies, require training. Train with a professional or educate yourself on proper training to give your dog the best chance at success.

2. Excusing Bad Behavior

That bad behavior should not stick around. Assuming that it is fine because they are a puppy or cute will only lead them to do it more.

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