10 Common Shih Tzu Health Issues You Probably Don't Know About


Finally – and as cuddly as they might look – the Shih Tzu is also prone to a number of allergies which in turn can lead to dermatitis and other skin conditions. Allergies can come from a wide range of sources (and some of which might not be obvious) such as pollen, washing powders, bites and even wheat. Another major skin problem, quite literally meaning ‘infection of the skin’, is ‘pyoderma’. This is usually caused by bacteria, ringworm or yeasts. Fortunately, most skin disorders are easily treated using various methods (which are often required long-term) and can certainly help ease any discomfort for your dog.

Fortunately, overall the Shih Tzu is a healthy dog and has a life span of around 10 plus years so, whilst you certainly shouldn’t let these conditions put you off, it’s advisable to know what to look for and more importantly, when to seek veterinary or expert advice.

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