10 Symptoms That You Should Never, Ever Ignore In Your Shih Tzu

Dogs are considered as the man’s best friend due to their sweet and loving attitude towards their master. As a responsible pet owner, it is your responsibility to take care and look after the welfare of your beloved pets. Protecting them and keeping an eye on their safety and health is one of the best ways to give back to their love and loyalty. If your pet is starting to act inexplicably or seems that they’re having a strange behavior lately, then it is an indicator for you to ask for an immediate professional help from a vet before their symptoms get worst. To know whether your pet has an illness or a life-threatening condition, here are some of symptoms that you must look into before you bring your dog to a vet clinic:

1. Appetite change associated with excessive weight loss

One of the main and very first indicators that your dog is suffering from an illness is excessive weight loss or lack of appetite. Assessing weight loss can sometimes be associated with indolent mood among dogs. There are many reasons why dogs refuses to eat, but weight loss ranging from 10 % of their normal weight is a serious condition that needed to be consulted to your vet.


2. Fatigue or lethargy

Dogs are naturally active, but if they behave strangely, your pet might probably want to tell you something. If your dog looks so exhaustive or irritated for long time or for several days, do not make a second doubt and bring them immediately to your vet.


3. Coughing or excessive panting

Coughing in dogs are normal, but if their cough doesn’t accompanied by wet nose and continuously ensue, it might indicate an underlying problem. Examples may include possible respiratory problem, obstruction in their airways, heartworm disease or pneumonia.


4. Fever

Fever in dogs is sometimes one of the most overlooked symptoms that can be hardly difficult to identify. One good way to know if your dog has fever is by the use of thermometer. If the temperature of your dog exceed from 102.5 degrees, it’s advisable to bring your dog to the vet’s clinic.


5. Breathing problems

Your dog can also suffer from respiratory distress, thus can be manifested in their way of breathing- shortness in breath, wheezing or persistent gagging. If your dog is badly struggling to breath, this means that there is no enough oxygen reaching their tissues. So act immediately and see your vet for an appropriate treatment.


6. Trouble urinating

This symptom includes discomfort or difficulty while urinating or straining to urinate. If your pet cries out to relieve their pain, and seems to excessively licking their genitals, make an immediate appointment with your vet.


7. Bloody Diarrhea

Urinating and Vomiting blood. Fresh blood in your pet’s stool can indicate a problem in their colon or rectum. While hematuria (blood in dog’s urine) and vomiting of blood can often indicate bacterial infection or some serious/life-threatening problem.


8. Restlessness, pacing and unproductive retching

When a dog is agitating or is unable to settle down, it can be an indicator that they are in discomfort or pain. This symptoms can be a manifestation of GDV (gastric dilatation volvulus), and must be treated immediately.


9. Fainting/ collapsing

 Loss of consciousness is one of the serious symptoms of severe health problem in dogs. Collapsing means there’s a sudden loss of strength which causes them to fall or faint. Either your pet recovers quickly or looks normal again after collapsing, still it requires an immediate attention from a vet.


10. Red Eyes

Redness of the eye area can be a clear indicator of inflammation of the eye surface. This symptom might include condition like glaucoma, or eye socket disorder, or worst might lead to blindness.
Even your four-legged buddy can also accumulate a life-threatening disease. So control the situation and prevent it from getting worst, if these symptoms persist, don’t hesitate to all a vet.


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13 Responses

  1. I’d like to know some stuff about the Lhasa Apsos signs of things what exercises are supposed to haveand more

  2. Pat Artrip says:

    Three Shih Tzus have problems with crystals any remedy

  3. Sheryl Leigh Hardin says:

    Looking for a akc registered shih tzu as close to ky as possible. Thank you.

  4. Gale says:

    I only feed my 2 babies Urinary SO. After a $800.00 surgery, it is sure worth the extra money to feed them a food that helps fight the crystals! Talk to you vet 🙂

  5. Sheila noble says:

    My little one was hospitalized and checked for pancreatitis. Results came back normal but crystals were still present after 30 days. My vet ran an allergy panel on my dog and she is allergic to everything in dog food except chicken and white fish. Found a food that had no other meat but chicken and no salmon oil or grains and she is great.

  6. Dana says:

    Sheila Noble can u please give me the name of the food??

  7. Linda Becker says:

    My shih tzu is 12 years old. He had 3 bladder surgeries because of crystals. This was 2 & 3 years ago. We took away all treats & he has been on Royal Canin urinary SO morsels in gravy ever since. I also mix the dry urinary SO in his food as both are a little expensive but totally worth it. He eats this twice a day. Also put water in with his food as sometimes a cause of crystals can be lack of water. He has not had any problems for 2 years now & is doing great. Please do not give them any treats. This can cause crystals also. Mine loved treats. My vet suggested to take a can of his morsels in gravy & make up treats with this & freeze them. I use 5 to 6 cans every six weeks or so & make up the treats. He gets these twice a day. I don’t worry, knowing that these treats are actually his dog food. He loves the food & there are no worries. Good luck with your three!

  8. Colleen says:

    Sheila Noble, I’d also love to know the name of the food! Thank you!

  9. Sharen says:

    Please tells the name of the dog food.

  10. Linda Pease says:

    Only by prescription by your Vet or take prescription to Petsmart or other pet store!
    -Royal Canin Urinary SO
    -Hills Science Diet Urinary C/D canine

  11. Raine Pierce says:

    My little one has Cushings Disease. What are these crystals found in the kidneys? Should I be concerned? My dog is doing pretty well at age 17.

  12. hello, you guys have readers all over the world, how about putting a google translator to facilitate our reading? thank you!!!

  13. Billie J breakiron says:

    My shizzu cough through her nose she is 3 year’s old and walks around when this happens and refuses to eat

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