10 Things Humans Do That Shih Tzus Do Not Like

There are particular things that Shih Tzus definitely do not like that humans do. It can cause them a lot of grief and make them upset when not addressed promptly. If you are unware of some of the things you can do that can upset your Shih Tzu, this is definitely the article for you. Below will address several actions and mannerisms to possibly avoid to keep your Shih Tzu happy and energetic at all times.

1. Not giving them enough independence

Shih Tzus are not fans of being around humans for long periods of time. They enjoy their independence and will start to resent their human if they do not get that time to themselves.

2. Trying to feed them when they don’t want to eat

 Shih Tzus have a tendency to not like eating so constantly trying to feed them, or even refilling their bowl or demanding they eat, will wear thin on your dog.

shih tzu pink bow

3. Making them take a bath

 Shih Tzus do not enjoy being around water nor will they want to take a bath when it is time. Be prepared for a big fight when it comes to dealing with your dog and water as it is going to be a big problem.

4. Making them sleep when they don’t want to

You will sometimes find your Shih Tzu not wanting to sleep when it is nap time and you making them sleep or lay down will cause them great annoyance.

shih tzu sleeping with blanket

5. Contstantly trying to play with them

As odd as this is, they are not the most active dogs in the world when it comes to playing. Constantly throwing a ball or trying to get your dog to wrestle and play will certainly cause your Shih Tzu to be angry with you.

6. Taking them outside

 Going outside may also be an annoyance to your Shih Tzu. This is simply because they are not going to want to watch other animals, such as birds and other flying creates.

two shih tzus

7. Taking them to Heights

Speaking of going outside, they will not want to climb and go up to high places. If you try to take your dog up higher than normal ground, that will also cause them great annoyance.

8. Being Loud

Yelling at your Shih Tzu, and loud noises in general, is also something that your Shih Tzu will not necessarily enjoy.

three shih tzus in basket

9. Petting

Petting them constantly is going to be something that your Shih Tzu will either have to learn to like or will permanently not enjoy. Humans always want to pet their pets but it can definitely be an issue for the actual pet.

10. Company

New pets and bringing new people over will also be something your Shih Tzu will not enjoy. Humans love other social interaction, but you will find your Shih Tzu is not a fan of being around a group of others.

shih tzu on swing

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2 Responses

  1. Susie says:

    I agree with everyone on this, My Lilly loved all of the above except for baths! As soon as she heard me say want to go for a walk, bye byes, post office she was at the door. Ask if she wants to play she would get a toy out, she would sit next to me when watching tv to get rubs, and boy did she like her meal time! but if I mention bath… she was no where to be found LOL! God I miss my ball of fur baby! she was so much fun! I couldn’t have loved her any more than I did. To the moon and back! RIP my little shadow <3

  2. Deanna says:

    According to my Shih Tzu, this is a lie…

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