This Shih Tzu Will Show You His Bum For Treats!

    Videos 3/2/2017

    We all know dogs do amazing tricks to score a treat but the trick that this Shih Tzu named Bumble Bee performs in this video is the cutest you might have seen. Bumble Bee's owner has trained her pup to show off his bum on command - and he looks adorable while doing it.

    This Shih Tzu Tilting Its Head Is The Cutest Thing That You Will See Today

    Videos 3/2/2017

    If you want to smile today, check out this video of one adorable Shih Tzu. This pup is cute just lying there, but he becomes even more adorable when he does a sweet head tilt. What a cute Shih Tzu puppy he is!

    Shihtzu Exercise Requirement

    Health 3/2/2017

    Good health isn't just a necessity for humans, but it's necessary for animals as well. If you're a proud Shih Tzu owner, it's important that you provide your pup with regular exercise. This keeps your dog active, helps wards off obesity, and keep your pet as healthy as possible. Exercise in dogs, just as with humans, can lead to a longer lifespan and a higher quality of life.

    Shihtzu Christmas Carols

    Videos 3/2/2017

    Once again the holiday season is upon us. Lets all make sure we are including our furry four-legged friends in our Christmas celebrations. They deserve to receive gifts and be fully involved in our festivites.

    5 Shih Tzu Diet Tips

    Health 3/2/2017

    When it comes to nutrition, all pet owners have a tendency to spoil their dogs. Shi Tzus are so cute, and they know how to use their adorable faces to get exactly what they want. It is no wonder owners end up giving them what they want. We get it - it is impossible to say no to a pleading Shih Tzu. But we should also remember what we signed up for when we took these furballs under our wings - that we will take care of them and provide them with the best life possible. And that, of course,

    Shih Tzu Temperament

    Breed 3/2/2017

    The Shih Tzu is a cute breed of dog that nearly anyone can love. Characterized by their small size and beautiful coat, Shih Tzus just make you want to snuggle with them. While these dogs love to snuggle, there is also far more to their personality and temperament. If you're considering bringing a Shih Tzu into your family, it's important to understand their personality traits. This will help you determine if this dog is the right pet for you. If their personality is a match for your household, you can rest assured that you'll have a longtime friend.

    4 Shih Tzu Approved Human Food

    Health 3/2/2017

    As pet parents, we can't help but be extra doting to our Shih Tzus. Sometimes, we even want to share what we enjoy with them, including our food. While occasional human treats are fine, make sure that you're feeding foods that are healthy, beneficial, and not toxic to your four-legged friend.

    Shihtzu and The Hair Drier

    Videos 3/2/2017

    Grooming a pet, particularly a high-maintenance breed like the Shih Tzu -- can be a challenge. With this breed, grooming habits include daily brushing and combing and trimming the facial hair to prevent eye infections. You can opt to keep the hair straight, or you can learn intricate hairstyles like a topknot. It is also necessary to keep a Shih Tzu's face dry to prevent tear stains caused by the growth of red yeast. One way that you can do this after a bath is by using a hair dryer.

    A Shih Tzu's First Meal

    Videos 3/2/2017

    Puppies are tiny, but they can certainly be gluttonous. When presented with a savory meal, these little animals have a tendency to go a little bit crazy. When you throw more than one puppy in the mix, things can get downright chaotic. When puppies are accustomed to eating together, they will eat as fast and as much as they can since they know that competition is high. However, if you feed your puppies individually, they usually end up choosy with their meals and have a tendency to eat far less. When it comes to how your puppy eats, it doesn't

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