10 Tips To Make Traveling With Shih Tzu Easier

    Breed 3/2/2017

    Traveling with your Shih Tzu can be a very trying time, especially if you have a dog that is not used to being more than 30 feet from you. Before you travel, there are a few easy tips that you can use to make your travel experience go smoothly. Not only will these tips make the trip better for you, but it can relieve the anxiety and stress that your Shih Tzu also feels while traveling.

    5 Tips for Grooming Shih Tzu

    Training 3/2/2017

    Shih Tzus are known for their beautiful coats, but unfortunately, they aren't naturally this way. In order to maintain your pet's fur, you have to groom them regularly. You can purchase the tools and do this yourself, or you can pay a professional to do the job for you. If you opt to take on the task yourself, here are a few important tips that can make grooming more fun and less stressful for both you and your pup.

    Tips for Holiday Safety

    Breed 3/2/2017

    Our pets are like family to us so it only makes sense that we involve them in our holiday festivites. You don't want to overlook your pup during all of the holiday fun, including surprise visits from friends and family, holiday dinners, and other holiday traditions you celebrate in your home. You want to make sure that you provide your pet with attention and love during this time, and even include your pet, all while making sure he or she stays safe. If you're stressed about how you're going to make it safely through the holidays, don't worry. These simple

    Tips for Controlling Your Shih Tzu at the Dog Park

    Breed 3/2/2017

    You know that your Shih Tzu is the best. He's well-behaved, your best companion, and most of the time, you could even say that if your dog was a human, he'd be a perfect gentleman. But then, you go to the dog park and it all changes. Maybe your Shih Tzu gets overly aggressive, acting like the playground bully. Perhaps your dog just acts shy and refuses to budge from your side. Or maybe he's the party animal, going wild and completely ignoring your commands. It happens to even the best dogs. However, this doesn't mean that you have to

    5 Tips For Traveling With Shih Tzus

    Training 3/2/2017

    Traveling with your Shih Tzu can be an adventure. Whether it is just a picnic or a camping trip, a weekend at a posh resort or flying overseas, family vacations and getaways can be more fun when your four-legged friend can tag along. But there are also many challenges that you and your dog will have to overcome when traveling together. In addition to knowing laws and regulations (such as leash laws), you also need to make sure you're prepared in other ways, as well.

    This Tiny Shih Tzu puppy Is Impossibly Adorable

    Videos 3/2/2017

    Shih Tzu puppies don't have to do much to get you to smile. This video is the perfect example of that. This cuddly ball of fur bounds around the house, stopping briefly just to eat some of his food. He then bounces around a bit, ready for play with his owner. These little guys are known for their love of their human owners and always being ready to play. This video shows the truly unique and heartwarming personality of this breed.

    5 Tips for Choosing the Right Name for your Shih Tzu

    Breed 3/2/2017

    One of the hardest things about getting your new Shih Tzu is picking the perfect name. Your do will have his or her name for life, and you want to make sure it's a good one - one that's easily understood by your dog and one that is fitting for his or her looks or personality.

    5 Tips For Rotating Your Dog's Protein Source

    Health 3/2/2017

    As a responsible pet owner, one of the most important parts of caring for your dog is keeping an eye on his or her health. When it comes to the health of your pet, few things are more important than monitoring the diet of your dog. Instead of just buying the same old kibble day in and day out, why not try rotating protein sources? Unlike a conventional feeding plan, which is the same food for every meal, a rotating plan allows you to switch up what your do eats on a regular basis. This means that he or she

    10 Things Your Shih Tzu Totally Deserves To Do

    Breed 3/2/2017

    Your beloved Shih Tzu does wonderful things to make you happy. They are your confidante when you feel depressed, your source of happiness when you feel lonely, and your protector when you feel unsafe. Best of all, they do all of this without complaint. With everything they do for you, your dog deserves some perks, too. If you want to repay your pet for the loyalty exhibited, here are some things you can let them do in your home:

    Three Happy Shih Tzu

    Videos 3/2/2017

    We can all agree that puppies, aside from being big balls of fur and cuteness, are simply a delightful treat to watch or have around us. Even if you are not a pet love, puppies just have this amazing ability to touch your heart. These cuddly animals are charming, fluffy and happy. Just a like a human baby, they have the ability to light up a room and spread good vibes to everybody. It's no wonder we can't help ourselves from showering them with kisses.

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