4 Delicious Food Recipes For Your Shih Tzu

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The health of your Shih Tzu dog is greatly determined by what you give to it as food. That is why it has been recommended that you make sure the recipes you are feeding it with are delicious. This will at least make it come back for more over and over again. Most Shih Tzu parents administer recipes that aren’t even delicious to their dogs and still expect them to eat very well.

Don’t forget that these animals are like human beings. When you give them foods that aren’t appealing, you may make them lose appetite. Are you among one of such parents that have been looking for some of the most delicious recipes to feed your Shih Tzu with? If you are then you are at the right place because this post will be aimed at showing you the top 4 delicious recipes that you can feed your Shih Tzu dog with today. Some of them will be listed and briefly explained below.

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1. Have You Tried Chicken Dinner?

This is a great way to get your Shih Tzu dog salivating. Its major ingredient is meat. Try as much as you can to make sure that you don’t have onions in it. Even when you plan putting some, have such regulated. There are two ways that you have the meat prepared. That is either to have it grinded into pieces or sliced in smaller parts.

Apart from chicken, other ingredients are: cabbage, spinach, egg (either cooked or raw), olive oil and apple.

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