Five Symptoms That Indicate Illness In Your Shih Tzu

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1.Eating Grass:

Does your cat or dog eat grass? It is not usually normal or an acceptable norm for pets to eat or nibble on grass. However, it has been discovered that a small percentage of pets enjoy the taste of fresh grass, and this means that the cat or dog is healthy and does not need medical attention. Watching your pet eat grass can be distressing for some pet owners who do not know whether it is a sign of sickness or a normal new diet trend. It is important to know what the underlying reason is for the new habit. The below symptoms can exist side by side with grazing, and will guide you when seeking medical help.


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6 Responses

  1. Faylinn says:

    My Shih Tzu has been eating a lot of grass lately, but I thought that was because it is spring now and the dog might be excited about it. However, a friend told me that I should look up whether or not eating grass is normal and so I am glad to find out that it is not. The only other symptom that is indicating that my dog is sick is vomiting. However, she has only vomited once and that was yesterday and that was after eating a lot of grass. If my dog vomits again, I might take it to the animal clinic. How often do sick dogs normally vomit?

  2. Eileen Spencer says:

    I have two Shih Tzu and both eat grass but only a certain kind. They never get sick after eating grass, maybe I am fortunate. I have never been concerned about this obsession of theirs. The one concern I do have is if another dog has marked its territory on the grass they are eating.
    I know you can buy cat grass but can you purchase one for dogs?

  3. Sonya B says:

    My Shih Tzu eats catgrass occasionally, he is in good health. Every now and then there will be a vomit afterwards, but if it’s a one off, and his appetite and energy levels are the same there is nothing to worry about.

  4. dave says:

    I was told years ago that dogs eat grass to relieve tummy ache it’s a natural thing.My Shih Tzu is ok most of the time then maybe once a month gets a bit constipated then eats some grass vomits a bit then poos for England for an hour then is ok again, it’s a natural thing.

  5. Ella says:

    Both of my dogs and one of them is a Shih Tzu eat a certain type of grass only when they are nausea or have a upset stomach. Once they vomit they are go too go. This doesn’t happen too often.

  6. Vicky says:

    Dogs like to eat grass but we humans might not know or remember grass is an exporant will make you dog/cat vomit it eats more then a small pinch of it. Ecspecially if he/she doesn’t eat it on a regular basis. My dog ate it when I had my cat but that was once every 1mth or so. And only a tiny bit as it’s meant for wild animals to eat when they need to purge/vomit. Please Only give Non Treated grass/cat grass you grow at home from pet store to our pets! Pet store grass won’t have any lawn chemicals on it!!!

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