5 Essential Commands You Should Teach Your Shihtzu

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Teaching your dog certain commands is not just a neat party trick, but it can be quite helpful when it comes to correcting problem issues. The good news is that you don’t have to hire a trainer or send your dog to training school in order to teach your dog five basic commands. All you need is a little patience, effective use of repetition, and a treat to reward your dog when they accomplish the task.


This is arguably the easiest of all commands and an excellent place to start training your dog.

  • Hold a treat near enough to your dog’s nose for them to lock in on it
  • Move your hand up. This will cause the dog’s head to follow and he will naturally sit down
  • When he sits, say, “Sit”, give him the treat and pet him

Doing this a few times a day will let the dog relate the command “Sit” to actually sitting down.


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