7 Signs Your Shih Tzu Is Suffering from Stress

You may find it difficult trying to know when your Shih Tzu may be going through any form of stress. Don’t forget that when it starts going through stress, it will just be a matter of time before it starts experiencing a total breakdown in health.

That is why it is very important to closely observe your Shih Tzu so as to know when it is being stressed up. However, the major problem is when you can’t seem to identify the signs which may be indicating that your Shih Tzu dog is suffering from stress. You don’t have to bother about that as this post will be aimed at showing you some of the signs to be on the lookout for in such dog today.

Loss of Appetite

If there is one thing that is obvious with a dog that is of Shih Tzu breed, it is the fact that it eats as much as any other breed. If it starts consuming less of what it used to eat before now, then know that it has been stressed up.


Isolation From Others

Shih Tzu breeds are known for their lively nature. They don’t want to miss on any of the fun that is happening around them. However, when your dog starts separating itself from everyone around, then chances are that it is getting towards a breakdown level and you have to do something about it.


Excessive Sleeping

When was the last time your dog slept past the normal wake – up time? This is a major sign of stress as it may be feeling tired. You have trained it to get used to a particular time of waking up but that is not happening at the moment. Being lethargic is a major symptom that a dog is feeling tired.

Being Aggressive

When your Shih Tzu dog starts being unfriendly towards people and other animals around then there is a problem. This is unusual and it will be best if you take it to a veterinarian for some examination. Some of the signs that it will show when being aggressive could be: fearful facial expression, taking the wrong posture and so on.

shih tzu howling

Showing Signs of Constipation

Although there are other causes that can bring about this abnormal condition in your dog, stress can also be one of the primary causes. You need to observe the rate at which your dog empties its bowels and how its faeces look like. If such is hard, then it may be a sign of stress.


Change In The Color of The Eyes

They are just like us humans who show a change in the color of our eyes whenever we need rest. Closely observe the color of its eyes and if the eye lids are white in color, just try to give it a rest.


Change In Body Language

When your Shih Tzu begins to do some things that you aren’t used to then such could be a sign of stress. These wrong body languages could be: constant itching, always licking nose and lips, always shivering, always yawning and others.

shih tzu yawning

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