Know These Things If You Plan To Own A Cute Shih Tzu

    Breed 3/2/2017

    Shih Tzus are the cutest, and most people would love to own one of these cuddly balls of fur if given the chance.

    9 Lovable Facts about Shih Tzu

    Breed 3/2/2017

    You can't deny that the Shi Tzu is one of the most adorable furry companions out there. This cute and tiny dog is so irrestible, it was kept by royalty in China during the Ming Dynasty. Aside from that, the Shih Tzu breed is also very friendly and has an amazing personality. Their size, cute faces, and behaviors make them truly hard to resist.

    How to know Shih Tzu medical emergency?

    Health 3/2/2017

    A pet owner must understand the personality of their dog to identify when they may not be feeling well. It is easy to take a dog's health for granted because dogs tend to be playful all the time, even when they are sick. Illness is uncomfortable for your pet, even if they cannot verbalize it. While some ailments require treatment from a vet, there are some common problems that you may be able to identify or treat at home. Here is how to offer some relief for common conditions, as well as signs that indicate you should seek emergency help.

    Lacey Is Crazy Over Mr. Pumpkin

    Videos 3/2/2017

    If you are an avid fan of Shih Tzu videos, then surely, this Shih Tzu here is not a new acquaintance to you.

    10 Amazing And Impressive Tricks To Teach your Shih Tzu

    Training 3/2/2017

    Shih Tzus give us hours of amusement, are comforting in times of dire need, and provide us with interminable adoration and fondness.

    Lacey and Her Happy Blanket

    Videos 3/2/2017

    We all have our happy place - maybe it's even an area in the house where we feel most at home and content. Animals, too, have their favorites that make them feel secure and happy. Perhaps it's just personal space like a comfortable crate or even just an object they cling onto or bring along wherever they go. Take Lacey here, for example. She is so ecstatic while playing with her red blanket that she demands attention from anyone in the room.

    Lacey Wants To Play With Lexie

    Videos 3/2/2017

    Dogs and cats are two animals that are considered to be the closest to human beings. They can live with us harmoniously and can adjust to our lifestyles. Both are generally safe for children, and as pet lovers would say, they are capable of unconditional love and never ending sweetness. Even though they are seen as loving creatures, sometimes they don't get along with each other. In some rare cases, they get along, but usually, it ends in catastrophe. This is a story of a Shih Tzu named Lacey who tries her best to get house cat Lexie to play

    7 Key Things To Consider Before Breeding Your Shih Tzu

    Health 3/2/2017

    You may be tempted to breed your Shih Tzu. After all, who doesn't love adorable puppies? However, it's important to note that not all dogs are meant for breeding. Before you breed your Shih Tzu, here are a few things to keep in mind to ensure the health of your pup.

    Katy Perry's Shih Tzu Fan

    Videos 3/2/2017

    In this adorable video, Charlie demonstrates to us that she is more than just a pet, but also a fan of Katy Perry.

    Keeping Shih Tzu's Active and Healthy

    Health 3/2/2017

    As the owner of a Shih Tzu, you need to understand that dogs require several things to stay happy, healthy, and active. Your Shih Tzu requires regular exercise to stay healthy. Even if Shih Tzus are small, they need a place where they are able to stretch their legs and play. If you're the type of person who adores cuddling and playing, this breed is perfect for you. They love playing with their owners, visiting parks, or playing with a variety of different dog toys.

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