8 Ways To Be A Good Shih Tzu Parent

When it comes to being a good Shih Tzu parent, most people find it very difficult to adjust. The truth is that while it may be difficult to be a good Shih Tzu parent most especially when you don’t know how to go about such, there are no special rules involved in the process.

This is the reason for this post. You will be discovering the various ways to be a reliable Shih Tzu parent. Find out these tips that will make you want to have this breed of dogs in your home.

Be Proud of It

There is nothing wrong with being proud of your dog. You can embrace it in public and show how much you love it. Showing such bond is what actually drives you to be a good parent not just in front of others but also anywhere you may find yourself. Make it know your feelings. In a nutshell, be nice.

Spend More Time With It

It is great sometimes wanting to pay attention to what is happening in social media platforms or your gadgets. However, this can adversely affect the relationship that you have with your Shih Tzu dog. Just try as much as you can to go out with it. You could even drive around with it inside the car.

Healthy Feeding

Don’t starve your Shih Tzu dog for any reason as this may not be good. You should have scheduled times when it will always be fed. This will help it to be healthy and smart all the time. It is wrong always feeding it whenever you are free. Don’t do that as you should have a fixed time.

Always Observe

Most Shih Tzu parents have the habit of assuming that their dogs are doing very well which may not always be true. Check if there is any difference in its usual ways of living. It could that it is feeling stressed up. You may not know all this until you start observing its behavior. If you can do this very well, you will be able to know when it needs medical attention to stay healthy.

Human Interactions

Shih Tzu dogs are very social by nature and you shouldn’t keep them away from other animals. Make them mix up with others outside your house. You can also make it mix up with other animals. This can make it to be very excited as it doesn’t like being restricted to one place.

Always Brush Its Teeth

If you want your Shih Tzu to be free from any form of oral diseases, you will have to make sure that you regularly have its teeth brushed. Research carried out revealed that over 50% of dogs are suffering from one form of oral diseases or the other.

Make It Get Used To Different Times of The Day

This is very difficult for most people to achieve but once gotten right can be very helpful. You need to make it get used to eating and waking up at a particular time of the day. This will make it to be disciplined.

Stop Rough Handling It

Don’t hit your Shih Tzu dog for any reason whatsoever. If it is doing something that you don’t like, there are other ways to send your message across apart from spanking it.

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