9 Shocking Things Dogs Do In Their Sleep

Just as human beings can be full of surprises and amazing things that is how dogs also have plenty of shocking facts that will make you want to discover more about them. Some of the shocking aspects of dogs can be discovered when they are asleep. Finding out things about them in this regards would only increase your curiosity about other aspects of their life.

This post is aimed at exposing some of the shocking things that dogs do in their sleep. The next time your dog wants to sleep, try as much as you can to do some close observation. Some of these shocking things will he explained in the subheadings below.

1. Do You Know That Your Dog Cries?

They may not be even be aware of this so it is important that you don’t bother waking them at this stage. This is because it is the stage they are in deep sleep. It happens when the dog is in a state or REM sleep which is a symptom of the brain growing. This is however mostly common with puppies and may stop as time passes on so there is no need to get worried.

2. What About Barking?

It can be very annoying most times seeing your dog do this but it may just be dreaming so it is advised that you leave it alone. Don’t interrupt the dream. Just because it is barking doesn’t mean that it is having a nightmare as it could be a way of communicating in its dream.

3. Muscle Spasms

This may make you feel uncomfortable when you observe your dog do this. It may be due to the fact that it is having some rough time in its dream trying to struggle over something.

4. The Three Stages

These are rapid eye movement which is known as REM, non – rapid eye movement (also known as NREM) and finally the shortwave sleep. The shortwave sleep is always characterized by deep breathing during sleep. It can even start twitching at this stage.

5. They Can Growl

When your dog starts making that slow sound, there is every possibility that it is in a sweet dream. You will blame yourself if you ever interrupt this sound.

6. They Sometimes Shake

This could be a pointer that it is in an unpleasant dream. If you have seen your dog do this while sleeping then you would know how disturbing it is. It is possible that isn’t normal in your dog. However, once you notice such you can take it to a veterinarian.

7. They Kick A Lot

This is majorly because there is usually a disconnection in their brains when they are in a deep sleep. It is just like the way we humans behave. They are in an unconscious state at such point.

8. They Engage In Sleep Running

This is a pointer to the fact that your dog is in the rapid eye movement stage. It is running in one spot so there is no need to panic. To you it may be experiencing some abnormal conditions but that isn’t the case. It is only having some fun.

9. They Sometimes Fall

This is the reason why it has been advised that you don’t allow your dog to sleep on a table or chair. It could fall down when it has entered an unconscious state. They dream a lot and you can help yours by ensure that it is always sleeping on the floor.

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