Abba and Her Extra Energy

If you're a fan of Shih Tzus, you've probably seen Abba on YouTube. Abba is an adorable (and famous!) Shih Tzu whose owner uploads videos to the "Lost in Vast" channel. Abba shows lots of love and energy in her videos - something that may be very familiar to you if you're a pet parent to a Shih Tzu. In this particular video, her owner (in the description) expresses confusion as to why Abba is so wound up. Despite regular walks and playtime, Abba still engages in what her owner calls "bed zoomies." Take a look at Abba doing her "bed zoomies" to release that pent-up energy.

This hyperactive characteristic is usually seen in puppies. Shih Tzus are known for their “shadow” abiity, where they have the tendency to copy and absorb the energy and mood of a certain person (usually their owner) or a situation. This adaptation skill was something they have developed throughout the years of living with humans. Puppies and even grown dogs who become excited and hyperactive have a reason for doing so. Excitement typically causes this type of behavior. If your dog exhibits this behavior and won't calm down, take a cue from the video and provide your pet with a favorite toy to use for releasing that pent-up excitement. You can also speak calmly to your dog, so he or she can pick up on your mood and settle down. Or you can do like Abba's owner did and pick up your camera to record these memorable moments. Who knows? Your Shih Tzu may be the next famous YouTube star.

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