6 Reasons Your Dog May Exhibit Abnormal Panting

If your pet seems to be excessively panting because of excessive exercise, being too hot, or even stress, you can take steps at home to make sure that your dog is comfortable and relaxed to see if this eliminates the problem. However, if the problem continues for seeimingly no reason, do not delay in making an appointment with your pet's vet. Although these are the most common things associated with panting, they are not the only causes. Regardless of what other signs your dog may be producing, be sure to check it out with a vet, who will analyze your dog's health history and perform tests and exams to make sure that your furry friend is healthy. Even if you don't see other symptoms, it's important to remember that excessive panting can be the early sign of a problem. Treating it now instead of later could save your pet's life. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

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