5 Things Your Shih Tzu Won't Judge You For

4. Sleeping In

Part of staying in is sleeping in. This is something that many dogs love. If you want to stay inside all day, throw your blankets on and sleep. If you want to continue sleeping through the morning, turn off your alarm and catch up on some Z's. As long as your dog has food, water, and has been walked, you can sleep for as long as you want. Just make sure that it does not overlap with feeding time. Judgment might begin there. It's also important to remember to walk your pet so you don't wake up to an accident, and that you make sure to get your pet's exercise and play time in at some point during the day. While going a little off schedule won't have a neagtive impact on your dog, forgetting important things like feeding and taking it to the bathroom can be distressing to your pet, so make sure that your pet is taken care of before you plan your day in bed.

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