5 Things Your Shih Tzu Won't Judge You For

5. Talking to Yourself

A Shih Tzu will not start crying because you vent or share a secret. They will continue to give you the same loveable face they have always given to you. If there is something you want to say, then say it! Your Shih Tzu is ready to listen and immediately forget all of it. You won't have to worry about becoming the latest gossip among your circle of friends when you spill your deepest, darkest, secrets. Your dog may not be able to give you advice when you're facing something tough, but he or she can pick up on your emotions and can offer sympathy in other ways, such as by licking your hand or sitting in your lap. Whether you want to tell your Shih tzu about your latest crush or you just want to release frustrations about your job, life, or any other area of your life, your pet is there to lend an ear -- and will never judge you for what you say.

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