Baby Adelyn and Abba

Dogs are truly man’s best friend. They're our buddies and they simply make our lives more colorful. There have been a number of studies of how dogs are equipped to adapt to our way of living. These studies show that dogs can understand and interpret human facial expressions, emotions and moods. This is why we are able to form bonds with our pets. You can witness a very special bond - even with the tiniest human - by checking out this video.

Shiz Tzus are a great family pet because they are naturally loving and sociable. They are gentle with kids and babies, although it's important to note that children should always be monitored around your Shih Tzu or other pets.

In this video, Abba the Shih Tzu is bonding with a new baby in the home, Adelyn. Abba is taking on the role of protector for this tiny human being. Even though Abba doesn't fully understand who this small person is, it's pretty safe to assume that she will grow to love this baby as she does others in the household. We can't tell what Abba or Adelyn is thinking, but what we do see is that though they can't speak to each other, a bond is being formed. And that, we think, is something really special.

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