Baby-Shih Tzu Kisses

When we want to show love and affection to our Shih Tzus, there are a few things we may do. Cuddles, hugs, kisses, giving out a treat, or just petting our pals are ways that we can show affection.

Dogs can't exactly express themselves as humans do, but they certainly have their own ways of showing emotion. They don't have to say a word to show us how they really feel, and that's exactly what you will see in this video.

In this short but very very sweet video, we meet baby Silas and his Shih Tzu Abba.

As Silas enjoys watching TV, Abba sits beside him, engrossed in the show on the screen. It's funny because Abba has obviously picked up on Silas' mannerisms and displays those while quietly watching the TV.

Silas then gives Abba a kiss, showing her how much he loves her. Although Abba can't return the favor, the way she acts when seated beside Silas shows that these two have a very special bond.

This short video shows exactly why humans and Shih Tzus need each other. There is truly no bond like the one between man (no matter how old they are) and his Shih Tzu!

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