10 Biggest Mistakes New Shih Tzu Parents Make

When you get a Shih Tzu, you may be blinded by the cuteness of your new pet. You may become infatuated by your new dog, and your only priority may be to cuddle and love them as much as possible. While it's important to show love to your pet, focusing solely on how cute your dog is may be a mistake. You'll also want to make sure that you properly train and care for your dog, as well. As a new dog owner, it's easy to make mistakes, and we all do it. However, it's how you handle these mistakes that really counts. Knowing about these common mistakes, as well as how to handle them effectively, will ensure a happy household for you and your pet.

The 10 Biggest Mistakes that New Shih Tzu Owners Make are:

1. Not Training Soon Enough

Every dog and puppy requires training. Train with a professional or educate yourself on proper training to start on the road to positive behaviors as early as possible.

2. Excusing Bad Behavior

Bad behaviors and habits are common with dogs, but excusing those behaviors shouldn't be. Making excuses or ignoring bad behaviors will only lead to repeated bad behavior that can lead to damage, destruction, and a very unhappy household.

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