10 Common Shih Tzu Health Issues You Probably Don't Know About

    With their name meaning “little lion”, it’s perhaps little wonder that Shih Tzu’s are popular with both families and doting dog owners alike. However, despite the rather macho image the thought of a lion might well conjure up in the mind’s eye, there’s certainly nothing aggressive about this adorable dog breed. In fact, on the contrary, the Shih Tzu is a lover, not a fighter and you’ll typically find them following their owner from room to room, complete with waggy tail and plenty of affection to share!

    14 Insane (but true!) Facts About Shih Tzus

    This particular breed of dog is not only named after a lion (the Chinese word for lion being ‘Shih’) but its full official title is the Tibetan Shih Tzu Kou. Whilst ‘kou’ means dog, ‘tzu’, very loosely translated, means either ‘son’ or ‘child’. Legend has it that Buddha rode to earth on the back of a lion – in fact, Vaishravana and the Eight Horsemen are renowned as being a worldly Buddhist protector. Perhaps little wonder, then, that the Shih Tzu takes great pride in both its appearance and heritage!

    5 Recipes for Healthy Homemade Treats

    As a dog owner, you probably already know just how much your Shih Tzu loves treats. Treats are not just tasty for your dog, but they’re also very effective for use when training, to reward your pet for good behavior, or just to show your adorable Shih Tzu how much he or she is loved. However, instead of reaching for those packaged treats, why not make your own? Not only can making your own treats be more cost-effective, but they’re also better for your pet!

    35 Amazing Shih Tzu Cross Breeds

    A crossbreed is produced when a pure bred dog from one breed is bred with a purebred dog of another breed. A dog who is crossbred is also known as a mixed breed, and more recently have been dubbed designer dogs or hybrid dogs. Shih Tzus are amazing dogs, so why would someone choose to crossbreed them? For some pet owners, the personality traits and physical features of two different dog breeds may be appealing.

    16 Awesome Shih Tzu Tattoos

    Sometimes, dog lovers want to keep their pet with them at all times. Check out these amazing Shih Tzu tattoos!

    5 Things Your Shih Tzu Won't Judge You For

    A Shih Tzu is a wonderful friend to have. In fact, many consider their dogs to be their best friends. Not only do you have their unconditional love and loyalty, but you can always be yourself around your dog. You don't have to worry about impressing your dog or doing something embarrassing. One of the greatest things about your pet is that it loves you without judgment. You can show your true self around your pet without worrying about being the latest gossip.

    28 Best Shih Tzu Dog Names

    Looking for a name for your Shih Tzu? Check out this list for 28 great ideas!

    Black and White Shih Tzu

    The American Kennel Club recognises eight official Shih Tzu coat colors. These are black, white, blue, liver, gold, silver, red and brindle. Within these colors, there can be a wide range of combinations and markings, making each Shih Tzu coat beautifully unique. In this article, we'll look at one of the most easily recognisable color combinations – black and white.

    Black Shih Tzu

    The American Kennel Club recognises eight official Shih Tzu coat colors. These are black, white, blue, liver, gold, silver, red and brindle. Within these colors, there can be a wide range of combinations and markings, making each Shih Tzu coat beautifully unique. In this article, we'll look at the black coat color, including the particularly rare, but extremely striking, solid black.

    Brindle Shih Tzu

    The American Kennel Club recognises eight official Shih Tzu coat colors. These are black, white, blue, liver, gold, silver, red and brindle. Within these colors, there can be a wide range of combinations and markings, making each Shih Tzu coat beautifully unique. Perhaps the loveliest, and certainly the broadest combination of all, is the brindle coat coloring.

    Brown Shih Tzu

    The American Kennel Club recognises eight official Shih Tzu coat colors. These are black, white, blue, liver, gold, silver, red and brindle. Within these colors, there can be a wide range of combinations and markings, making each Shih Tzu coat beautifully unique. In this article, we'll look at one of the most easily recognisable color combinations – black and white.

    Crate Training Tips for Your Shih Tzu

    If you have a new Shih Tzu puppy or even a dog without proper training, perhaps you’ve already thought about crate training. If not, now is the time to start. Crate training is a great way to eliminate bad behaviors, all while providing your pet with a space of his or her own.

    20 Cute Shih Tzus Who Will Make Your Day Better

    These cute Shih Tzu pictures are sure to put a smile on your face.

    19 Must-Follow Shih Tzus On Instagram

    Stay in touch with fellow pet parents and spend hours getting to know the cutest Shih Tzu celebrities through Instagram. The following ten accounts feature adorable Shih Tzus going about their daily lives, and they sure look cute doing it. These are just a select few of many accounts dedicated to documenting the fascinating lives of Shih Tzus. See who they are following for even more Shih Tzu updates!

    Do Shih Tzus Shed?

    Some of the most popular dogs in the world are the ones that do not shed hair. If you're like so many others that suffer from allergies, it is very important to make sure your dog is hypoallergenic. These dogs are breeds that do not shed hair and thus do not cause a potential health risk to the owner. You won't just be able to go to the pet store or shelter and select just any dog. You will need to do your research. If you've been considering purchasing a Shih Tzu but you're not sure about their shedding habits,

    Facts About Maltese Shih Tzu

    You may be wondering if Maltese Shih Tzus are the right breed for your home. There is no better way to figure that out than to learn more about this special breed. As a designer breed, their main appeal is in their appearance. However, they do have their own unique personalities and temperaments. Learning these facts can help you to decide whether or not this breed will make the perfect new addition to your family.

    5 Reasons To Buy a Purebred from a Responsible Breeder

    Shih Tzus are undeniably one of the cutest and sweetest dog breeds out there. Their tiny size, adorable smiles, and fantastically soft fur are just a few reasons that dog lovers adore the Shih Tzu. It's hard to see someone walking one of these dogs and not want one yourself. In fact, you may even be reading this because you've been considering adding one of these adorable pups to your household. If you've been thinking about purchasing a Shih Tzu, you may have wondered about where you should purchase your dog. You may have heard negative things about purchasing from

    16 Funny Shih Tzu Memes Of All Time

    These Shih Tzu memes will definitely make your day better!

    Heat Cycle of Shih Tzu

    Understanding more about the heat cycle of a Shih Tzu is imperative if you plan to breed the dog or want to avoid breeding. All dogs have heat cycles, and these cycles come with the same concerns and needs. If you do not spay Shih Tzus, they, like all dogs, will repeat this cycle. If this is not something that you want to repeat, then make sure that you end the cycle through spaying as soon as possible. If you would like to continue with it, possibly have pups, then look out for signs of when the dog is most

    Hidden Message Behind Your Shih tzu's Tear Stains

    If you're the owner of a Shih Tzu and you've had to deal with the hassle of tear stains, you may want to read this. The makers of two exported products and the manufacturer of Angels’ Glow, Angels’ Eyes, and Pet’s Spark were presented with a letter of warning from the FDA. The reason for the letter was because these products were found to contain an unapproved antibiotic substance (tylosin tartrate) for the treatment of dogs or cats for tearstain-related conditions. If you're familiar with tear staining conditions, you may be familiar with these products, however, you may have been

    How to Help Your Shih Tzu Safely Lose Weight

    We all know how it goes. You get a little bit lazy, you start to enjoy your favorite snack a little too much, and suddenly, you’ve gained a few pounds. Not only can you see it, but you can feel it too: you’re more sluggish and you don’t quite feel like yourself. We aren’t the only ones that have to worry about this problem – our Shih Tzus do, too!

    Tips to keep your Shihtzu happy

    Everyone wants a happy pet. Barring those who don’t like pets, no one will be happy if the beloved dog is depressed or not acting like its usual self. Some dogs are less expressive than others, so they may not appear to be very happy, but as long as they are having a good time and not brooding or feeling sad, you should be a happy pet owner.

    How to Take the Perfect Photo of Your Shih Tzu

    Your dog is adorable, and you want the whole world to know it! As a pet parent of your Shih Tzu, it’s not uncommon to want to show off your gorgeous pup. Whether you’re bringing him out to show to your houseguests or you put your little lady in a cute outfit to go for a walk around the park, the Shih Tzu is a stunning dog that is meant to be seen. However, you may have noticed that capturing these memorable and adorable moments on camera can be a bit difficult. It’s not like pet owners can tell their

    Introducing Your Shih Tzu to Children

    Shih Tzus are a great companion breed. These furry little pups absolutely love spending time with their families, so it’s no wonder they’re such a popular choice for households with children. However, just because these dogs are known for being non-aggressive and very loving, it doesn’t mean that you can just bring a new Shih Tzu in your home without properly introducing him or her to other members of the family, including your kids.

    Introducing Your Shih Tzu to Other Pets

    Few things are more exciting for pet-lovers than bringing home a cuddly, furry friend, especially when that new pal is a Shih Tzu. Shih Tzus are known for not just being cute, but they also make exceptional companions for adults and children of all ages. Their friendly nature also makes them get along with other pets, from other Shih Tzus to cats. However, this doesn’t mean that when you adopt a new Shih Tzu, you can just immediately introduce him or her to your furry family without expecting some types of challenges. While some Shih Tzus fall easily into a

    Is Shih Tzu the right breed for you?

    You should never choose a dog without thinking it through. Don’t make spontaneous decisions. Don’t let a random preference get priority. Always do your homework and read as much as you can. Consider what you like and dislike; what you can do for your dog and what you cannot. Other considerations include whether or not the breed would be suitable given where you live, what you have to offer and the pros and cons of the particular breed, which shall include everything from health to grooming. You should consider every aspect before bringing a dog into your home.

    Know These Things If You Plan To Own A Cute Shih Tzu

    Shih Tzus are the cutest, and most people would love to own one of these cuddly balls of fur if given the chance.

    9 Lovable Facts about Shih Tzu

    You can't deny that the Shi Tzu is one of the most adorable furry companions out there. This cute and tiny dog is so irrestible, it was kept by royalty in China during the Ming Dynasty. Aside from that, the Shih Tzu breed is also very friendly and has an amazing personality. Their size, cute faces, and behaviors make them truly hard to resist.


    The Mal-Shi cross – a combination of Shih Tzu and Maltese – is one of the most popular Shih Tzu hybrids. It's easy to see why; the Mal-Shi is the perfect mix of sweet, bold, playful and affectionate, as well as being relatively easy to train and care for and suitable for just about any person or environment. Mal-Shis make perfect pets for families and are great with children (however, their small size means that they can be easily injured, so small children should always be supervised around them).

    10 Mindblowing Facts About Shih Tzus You Probably Didn’t Know

    Toy dogs are considered to be lovable, friendly and adorable, so it's no wonder that toy breeds are so popular. Shih Tzus are one of the most sought after breeds in this category and can make great pets. However, there are some things that people do not know about this particular breed. Here are ten mindblowing facts about Shih Tzus -- how many do you know?

    Eight Must-have Shih Tzu Products

    Bringing home a new puppy is a lot like bringing home a new baby - you'll need to be prepared with everything they need to keep them healthy, happy, and comfortable. Many people who decide to get a new puppy don’t think about all the things they will need for the training and care of their new family member. Being prepared in advance can be the difference in whether or not your new puppy makes a smooth transition into the family. To get ready, here are eight must-have puppy products you should purchase before you bring that adorable new family

    Nurturing Your Shih Tzu from Puppyhood to Adulthood

    Whether you're the proud puppy parent of a Shih Tzu or you're considering bringing one of these furry friends into your household, you already know just how big of a responsibility it is to care for a puppy. It is up to you to train your puppy so that he becomes a loving member of your household - instead of just a hassle. Your pet will be around you and other members of your household all the time, and you want to foster a loving relationship. You do this by providing your pet with the care and love it needs

    6 Odd Things That Puppies Do

    With their own unique personalities, dogs can act pretty odd. But you haven't seen anything until you observe a puppy for a day or two. Puppies are known for showing their personalities and engaging in weird behaviors - no matter who's watching!

    12 Pictures That Sum Up What Its Like To Own A Shih Tzu

    Let's start with the basics: Shih Tzus are one of the cutest breeds, aren't they? With their sweet faces and delightful personalities, it's easy to see how Shih Tzus have melted millions of hearts. That's not to say there aren't certain challenges though...

    Pug Zu

    Sweet and petite, the Pug Zu is a Shih Tzu/Pug cross with a personality that more than makes up for his small size. Bold, outgoing, playful and affectionate, the Pug Zu is an ideal choice for fans of Shih Tzus and Pugs alike.

    14 Realities Shih Tzu Owners Must Accept

    If you own a Shih Tzu, then you can definitely relate to this.

    7 reasons to adopt a senior Shih Tzu dog

    While a Shih Tzu puppy may be appealing because it is just too adorable, you shouldn't necessarily rule out an older dog. With so many older Shih Tzus being taken in by shelters and rescues, you should consider adopting a senior if you're looking to add to your family. Why should you adopt a senior Shih Tzu? Check out the following seven reasons.

    5 Reasons Dog Walking Is Better Than Your Job

    If you are a pet lover, dog walking may seem like the dream job to you. Instead of facing stress at the office, you're experiencing bonding moments with different pets. You get to enjoy the company of many different dogs without the burden of ownership, you can make extra money, and you also get fresh air and exercise. Thinking about becoming a dog walker? Here are some reasons why walking dogs is better than your current job:

    10 Reasons Every Kid Needs a Shih Tzu

    Shih Tzus are adorably delightful dogs that have brought happiness to households around the world. These toy dogs are known for being great companions for adults, but what about families with children? Is the Shih Tzu a good pet choice for kids?

    5 Reasons Small Dogs Are Awesome

    Some people think that smaller is cuter, and this applies to dogs as well. Smaller-sized dogs are absolutely adorable and most carry a lot of love in their tiny little bodies. Smaller dogs may be easy to train and carry, and there are other advantages to picking a smaller pup too - they're just as sweet, loyal, and loving as the biggest dogs. As far as protection, big dogs aren't the only ones willing to go the extra mile for you. Smaller dogs can offer you protection as well. Considering a smaller dog? Here are some reasons that small dogs

    5 Reasons Why The World is Better with Shih Tzus

    Shih Tzus are some of the most popular dogs in the world, and it's no wonder! Many people love these furry little animals because of sweet nature and happy demeanor. They aren’t as noisy as other small dogs and are always willing to cuddle or play. Here, we have five reasons that these adorable pups make the world so much better!


    The delightful Schweenie – a cross between the Shih Tzu and Dachshund – is every bit as adorable as his name sounds. An ideal family pet, the Schweenie is bright, friendly and affectionate. While they can occasionally be a little bit moody, they're never bad-tempered and they're always eager to please their owners. In fact, they want to be with their owners as much as possible and experience separation anxiety when left alone for long periods, so prospective owners should be aware of this.


    The Shih Tzu/Chihuahua hybrid – generally knows as the Shichi – is one of the more unusual Shih Tzu crosses, although its popularity is increasing. But what this small dog lacks in stature, he more than makes up for in personality – the Shichi is friendly, fun-loving and fearless. Extremely loyal, he wants to be around his humans at all times, and he's more than willing to take on a guard dog role when required (he may be tiny, but he's got quite the bark!).


    The Shichon (sometimes referred to as a Zuchon) is a hybrid 'designer' cross between a Shih Tzu and a Bichon Frisé. The Shichon combines many of the best characteristics of its respective breeds, with both being known for their friendly dispositions and outgoing nature.

    Shih Poo

    One of a number of new Shih Tzu hybrids, the Shih-poo is a crossbreed between the Poodle and the Shih Tzu. With its combination of intelligence, friendly nature and suitability for many types of owners, the Shih-poo can represent some of best qualities of each breed and is becoming increasingly popular in the United States and Europe.

    10 Shih Tzu Breed Facts

    Shih Tzus are a highly popular dog breed -- possibly one of the most popular in the world. You've seen them around: being carried by their owners, walking around at the park, or even with their owners while they stock up at the pet store. There's no denying just how cute and friendly these dogs are, but do you really know about this breed and what makes them so special? You may think you know them, but check out these interesting facts about Shih Tzus that you may never have heard before.

    Shih Tzu Coat Colors

    The Shih Tzu breed is blessed with its long mane that truly makes it stand out from other toy breeds. Their hair complements their bubbly and friendly personalities, making them more huggable and kissable. There are few people who can resist the charm of the Shih Tzu.

    10 Shih Tzu Dog Names with Their Meaning

    When it comes to naming a Shih Tzu breed, most owners rack their brains and just can’t seem to come up a perfectly unique Shih Tzu name. Others may just wait until the ideal name comes to them.

    Shih Tzu Temperament

    The Shih Tzu is a cute breed of dog that nearly anyone can love. Characterized by their small size and beautiful coat, Shih Tzus just make you want to snuggle with them. While these dogs love to snuggle, there is also far more to their personality and temperament. If you're considering bringing a Shih Tzu into your family, it's important to understand their personality traits. This will help you determine if this dog is the right pet for you. If their personality is a match for your household, you can rest assured that you'll have a longtime friend.


    The delightful Shiranian – a cross between the Shih Tzu and Pomeranian – is a friendly and happy little dog that thrives in family environments where he gets lots of attention and isn't separated from his owners for too long.

    9 Shocking Things Dogs Do In Their Sleep

    You already know that your dog is very active during his or her waking hours, but did you know that some of the behaviors you see while your pup is awake can also occur during sleeping?


    The adorable Shorgi, a cross between a Shih Tzu and a Corgi (typically a Pembroke Welsh Corgi or a Cardigan Welsh Corgi) is an affectionate and loyal little dog that carries itself with a distinctively regal air. This is not surprising since the Shih Tzu can be traced all the way back to China's Ming Dynasty, while the Corgi most famous for being the Queen's breed of choice! Strong-willed and sometimes stubborn, the Shorgi has plenty of attitude, but he's also friendly, playful and intelligent.


    Although a relatively new breed, the increasingly popular Shorkie – a Shih Tzu and Yorkshire Terrier cross – combines all the best elements of the Shih Tzu personality with an extra dash of Yorkie confidence and attitude. You'll recognise the affectionate and loyal nature of the Shih Tzu, but the Shorkie will take that loyalty to the next level and won't hesitate to protect his territory. He may be tiny, but he thinks he's pretty fierce!

    19 Signs You Are A Crazy Shih Tzu Person

    Think you're crazy about Shih Tzus? If you exhibit any of the following behaviors, you may just be nuts about your dog!

    12 Suprisingly Impressive Secrets Your Shih Tzu Knows About You

    Dogs might not be able to talk and relate to you in the same way as other people, but they are very insightful about their owners.

    12 Surprising and Secret Ways your Shih Tzu Says "I Love You"

    If you're a Shih Tzu owner, you may sometimes wonder exactly what your dog is thinking. Science has actually uncovered gestures and signs your dog makes that mean they love you:

    The Guilty Look In Dogs

    There are two assumptions that humans make about their dog's bad behavior. The first is that humans assume that dogs know when they have done something wrong. The next assumption is that humans believe that dogs may act out as a way to get revenge on their owners. While we don't always know what dogs are thinking, it's pretty clear that dogs don't act badly out of spite and dogs aren't always aware when they have done something wrong.

    10 Things Humans Do That Shih Tzus Do Not Like

    While Shih Tzus are typically a friendly, easygoing breed, there are particular things that Shih Tzus definitely do not like that humans do. These behaviors can make Shih Tzus upset or may even cause grief, which could lead to behavior disorders and a very unhappy household. If you are unware of some of the things you can do that can upset your Shih Tzu, this is definitely the article for you. Let's take a look at several actions and mannerisms to avoid to keep your Shih Tzu happy and energetic at all times.

    11 Things That Make Shih Tzus Happy

    Here is a list of things that make Shih Tzus happy:

    15 Things All Shih Tzu Owners Must Always Remember

    If you're a Shih Tzu owner, you already know how cute and cuddly these dogs are. However, there are a few things that you need to know about your pet - and here's a list of 15 of those things.

    7 Things to Do within 24 Hours of Your Shih Tzu Missing

    Owning a dog is one of the best and most rewarding things you can do for yourself or your family, and that is made even more pleasant when your dog is a cute and cuddly Shih Tzu. Even if you do your best to protect your pet, things can happen. Whether your Shih Tzu ran out of the front door, snuck out through a broken fence, or took off at the dog park, losing a pet can be one of the scariest experiences you have to face. There are certain actions that should be taken if your dog ever goes

    10 Things Your Shih Tzu Totally Deserves To Do

    Your beloved Shih Tzu does wonderful things to make you happy. They are your confidante when you feel depressed, your source of happiness when you feel lonely, and your protector when you feel unsafe. Best of all, they do all of this without complaint. With everything they do for you, your dog deserves some perks, too. If you want to repay your pet for the loyalty exhibited, here are some things you can let them do in your home:

    5 Tips for Choosing the Right Name for your Shih Tzu

    One of the hardest things about getting your new Shih Tzu is picking the perfect name. Your do will have his or her name for life, and you want to make sure it's a good one - one that's easily understood by your dog and one that is fitting for his or her looks or personality.

    Tips for Controlling Your Shih Tzu at the Dog Park

    You know that your Shih Tzu is the best. He’s well-behaved, your best companion, and most of the time, you could even say that if your dog was a human, he’d be a perfect gentleman. But then, you go to the dog park and it all changes. Maybe your Shih Tzu gets overly aggressive, acting like the playground bully. Perhaps your dog just acts shy and refuses to budge from your side. Or maybe he’s the party animal, going wild and completely ignoring your commands. It happens to even the best dogs. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to

    Tips for Holiday Safety

    Our pets are like family to us so it only makes sense that we involve them in our holiday festivites. You don't want to overlook your pup during all of the holiday fun, including surprise visits from friends and family, holiday dinners, and other holiday traditions you celebrate in your home. You want to make sure that you provide your pet with attention and love during this time, and even include your pet, all while making sure he or she stays safe. If you're stressed about how you're going to make it safely through the holidays, don't worry. These simple

    10 Tips To Make Traveling With Shih Tzu Easier

    Traveling with your Shih Tzu can be a very trying time, especially if you have a dog that is not used to being more than 30 feet from you. Before you travel, there are a few easy tips that you can use to make your travel experience go smoothly. Not only will these tips make the trip better for you, but it can relieve the anxiety and stress that your Shih Tzu also feels while traveling.

    6 Tips to Keep Your Dog Healthy in Hot Weather

    Dogs can acclimate to different weather and climate changes, but in general, they are not comfortable with heat.

    Tips to Prevent Overheating in Your Shih Tzu

    As a loving Shih Tzu owner, probably one of your favorite things about your pet is how he or she looks. No one can deny that tiny Shih Tzus with their flat faces and long, flowing hair are absolutely adorable. However, did you know that one of the cutest things about a Shih Tzu can also lead to a hidden danger you might not have known about? That’s right – the Shih Tzu’s short, flat nose makes this breed more susceptible to overheating and heat stroke. This is a serious condition that could be fatal to your beloved pet. To

    Top 10 Things Shih Tzus Like

    Shih Tzus are one of the friendliest and happiest breeds of dogs, and there are very few things that they don't like. Shih Tzus love most people and almost everything they encounter. However, there are some things that they really enjoy. Read on for a list of the top 10 things that Shih Tzus like.

    Top 35 Female Shih Tzu Dog Names

    Are you the proud new owner of an adorable female Shih Tzu? You may have the dog and everything she needs, from food and bedding to toys and maybe a few cute outfits. However, one thing that may have you stumped? Her name. You want to choose a name that your new pup can easily understand, but you want a great name that reflects who your dog really is. If you don't know where to start, read on. We've compiled a list of 35 awesome female Shih Tzu names. Choose one of these for your own pet, or use them

    Top 5 Factors to Consider Before Becoming a Shih Tzu Parent

    The Shih Tzu breed is the personification of love and companionship. This is such a popular breed because they show love and kindness to their owners, not to mention they are just so cute.

    40 Unique Shih Tzu Dog names

    The first step to owning a Shih Tzu is to come up with the perfect name. Much like a child, it's important that your four-legged friend has the right name - perhaps a name you've always loved, a unique name to showcase his or her personality traits, or even just something that's fun and a little off-the-wall.

    Unique Ways to Exercise With Your Shih Tzu

    You know that working out can be a pain. Sure, you feel great afterwards, and you know that it contributes to a healthy lifestyle, but sometimes, it’s just hard to get up and moving. This is especially true if you do the same old repetitive thing, like run on a treadmill or lift weights at the gym.

    7 Ways to Deal with Shih Tzu Dog Jealousy

    Shih Tzus are kind, loving, energetic, and oh-so-adorable. However, like humans or even other dog breeds, Shih Tzus aren't perfect. Sometimes, these cute little pups can get quite jealous, and may even start to act out because of their jealousy. If you're dealing with a jealous Shih Tzu, there are a few things you can do to get your sweet pup back to himself again in no time.

    10 Ways To Remove Shih Tzu Hair From Clothes

    If you own a Shih Tzu, you know how much of a problem it can be when hair covers everything. Although Shih Tzus shed less than other dos, you may still find their hair around your home. Even if you aren't holding your Shih Tzu, you can get the dog hair on your clothes just from sitting on furniture. While we love our dogs, we don’t love being covered from head to toe in their fur. So, how can you get rid of all the dog hair on your clothes easily and quickly without shaving your dog? Here are 10

    5 Ways to Tell Your Shih Tzu You Love Them in Their Own Language

    If you own a Shih Tzu, you probably already know how adorable and interesting these dogs truly are. Not only are they small and very cute, they are also loyal and fully focused on sticking with you at all times. If your dog is loyal and loving to you, you probably want to return the favor, right?

    5 Ways To Show Your Dog Love

    Aside from being your best buddy, sidekick and companion, your beloved dog is also a trusted and loyal member of your family. Pets bring happiness and joy to your home and even help protect your household. Your pet is there to provide you with love and loyalty, and is always ready to be by your side. To repay your pet for everything they do for you, you should return the favor. Read on for five ways to show your dog how much you really care.

    What to do When Your Shih Tzu is Overheated

    If you’re a Shih Tzu owner, you probably know quite a bit about the breed, either through research or just from spending time with your pooch. One of the things that you might know is a very serious health concern for these adorable animals. That concern is overheating. The Shih Tzu’s flat snout makes it even more adorable, but did you know that dogs with flat snouts are more prone to overheating and heat stroke? This can be deadly for your pet. Even though the thought of something happening to your Shih Tzu may be scary, don’t worry. There are

    White Shih Tzu

    The American Kennel Club recognises eight official Shih Tzu coat colors. These are black, white, blue, liver, gold, silver, red and brindle. Within these colors, there can be a wide range of combinations and markings, making each Shih Tzu coat beautifully unique. Here we'll look at the white coat color, including solid white and the various color combinations that feature white as the predominant color.

    10 Reasons Shih Tzus Are The Best Dog!

    It's hard to deny that Shih Tzus aren't adorable and loveable. Whether you own a Shih Tzu or just like to watch videos of them online, you can't help but to resist these cute little balls of fur. But have you ever wondered what it is that makes them the best dogs ever? Read on for ten reasons why Shih Tzus truly make the best pets.

    A World Without Shih Tzu Companions

    The Shih Tzu breed could have easily never existed if it were not for the breeders of China attempting to create this adorable little "lion." The name Shih Tzu is translated to Lion Dog. This breed was bred for royalty, and now, they've become the four-legged companions of people all around the world. It's hard to imagine a world without them.

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