Crate Training Tips for Your Shih Tzu

    Breed 3/2/2017

    If you have a new Shih Tzu puppy or even a dog without proper training, perhaps you've already thought about crate training. If not, now is the time to start. Crate training is a great way to eliminate bad behaviors, all while providing your pet with a space of his or her own.

    4 Common Health Issues of Shih Tzus

    HealthBreed 3/2/2017

    Shih Tzus are one of the most popular breeds of dogs. They originated in Asia, during Tang and Ming Dynasties, and have been known for being a symbol of royalty. They also stand out because of their lion-like appearance. These dogs come in a variety of colors including bringle, silver, red, gold, blue, and black. The colors may be combined, or they may be just one single color. Shih Tzus have double coats, but unlike other dogs with double coats, they actually shed very little. These dogs are even recommended for people with allergies and asthma.

    5 Things Your Shih Tzu Won't Judge You For

    Breed 3/2/2017

    A Shih Tzu is a wonderful friend to have. In fact, many consider their dogs to be their best friends. Not only do you have their unconditional love and loyalty, but you can always be yourself around your dog. You don't have to worry about impressing your dog or doing something embarrassing. One of the greatest things about your pet is that it loves you without judgment. You can show your true self around your pet without worrying about being the latest gossip.

    28 Best Shih Tzu Dog Names

    Breed 3/2/2017

    Looking for a name for your Shih Tzu? Check out this list for 28 great ideas!

    35 Amazing Shih Tzu Cross Breeds

    Breed 3/2/2017

    A crossbreed is produced when a pure bred dog from one breed is bred with a purebred dog of another breed. A dog who is crossbred is also known as a mixed breed, and more recently have been dubbed designer dogs or hybrid dogs. Shih Tzus are amazing dogs, so why would someone choose to crossbreed them? For some pet owners, the personality traits and physical features of two different dog breeds may be appealing.

    16 Awesome Shih Tzu Tattoos

    Breed 3/2/2017

    Sometimes, dog lovers want to keep their pet with them at all times. Check out these amazing Shih Tzu tattoos!

    19 Must-Follow Shih Tzus On Instagram

    Breed 3/2/2017

    Stay in touch with fellow pet parents and spend hours getting to know the cutest Shih Tzu celebrities through Instagram. The following ten accounts feature adorable Shih Tzus going about their daily lives, and they sure look cute doing it. These are just a select few of many accounts dedicated to documenting the fascinating lives of Shih Tzus. See who they are following for even more Shih Tzu updates!

    5 Recipes for Healthy Homemade Treats

    Breed 3/2/2017

    As a dog owner, you probably already know just how much your Shih Tzu loves treats. Treats are not just tasty for your dog, but they're also very effective for use when training, to reward your pet for good behavior, or just to show your adorable Shih Tzu how much he or she is loved. However, instead of reaching for those packaged treats, why not make your own? Not only can making your own treats be more cost-effective, but they're also better for your pet!

    20 Cute Shih Tzus Who Will Make Your Day Better

    Breed 3/2/2017

    These cute Shih Tzu pictures are sure to put a smile on your face.

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