5 Reasons Why The World is Better with Shih Tzus

    Shih Tzus are some of the most popular dogs in the world, and it's no wonder! Many people love these furry little animals because of sweet nature and happy demeanor. They aren’t as noisy as other small dogs and are always willing to cuddle or play. Here, we have five reasons that these adorable pups make the world so much better!


    The delightful Schweenie – a cross between the Shih Tzu and Dachshund – is every bit as adorable as his name sounds. An ideal family pet, the Schweenie is bright, friendly and affectionate. While they can occasionally be a little bit moody, they're never bad-tempered and they're always eager to please their owners. In fact, they want to be with their owners as much as possible and experience separation anxiety when left alone for long periods, so prospective owners should be aware of this.


    The Shih Tzu/Chihuahua hybrid – generally knows as the Shichi – is one of the more unusual Shih Tzu crosses, although its popularity is increasing. But what this small dog lacks in stature, he more than makes up for in personality – the Shichi is friendly, fun-loving and fearless. Extremely loyal, he wants to be around his humans at all times, and he's more than willing to take on a guard dog role when required (he may be tiny, but he's got quite the bark!).


    The Shichon (sometimes referred to as a Zuchon) is a hybrid 'designer' cross between a Shih Tzu and a Bichon Frisé. The Shichon combines many of the best characteristics of its respective breeds, with both being known for their friendly dispositions and outgoing nature.

    Shih Poo

    One of a number of new Shih Tzu hybrids, the Shih-poo is a crossbreed between the Poodle and the Shih Tzu. With its combination of intelligence, friendly nature and suitability for many types of owners, the Shih-poo can represent some of best qualities of each breed and is becoming increasingly popular in the United States and Europe.

    10 Shih Tzu Breed Facts

    Shih Tzus are a highly popular dog breed -- possibly one of the most popular in the world. You've seen them around: being carried by their owners, walking around at the park, or even with their owners while they stock up at the pet store. There's no denying just how cute and friendly these dogs are, but do you really know about this breed and what makes them so special? You may think you know them, but check out these interesting facts about Shih Tzus that you may never have heard before.

    Shih Tzu Coat Colors

    The Shih Tzu breed is blessed with its long mane that truly makes it stand out from other toy breeds. Their hair complements their bubbly and friendly personalities, making them more huggable and kissable. There are few people who can resist the charm of the Shih Tzu.

    10 Shih Tzu Dog Names with Their Meaning

    When it comes to naming a Shih Tzu breed, most owners rack their brains and just can’t seem to come up a perfectly unique Shih Tzu name. Others may just wait until the ideal name comes to them.

    Shih Tzu Temperament

    The Shih Tzu is a cute breed of dog that nearly anyone can love. Characterized by their small size and beautiful coat, Shih Tzus just make you want to snuggle with them. While these dogs love to snuggle, there is also far more to their personality and temperament. If you're considering bringing a Shih Tzu into your family, it's important to understand their personality traits. This will help you determine if this dog is the right pet for you. If their personality is a match for your household, you can rest assured that you'll have a longtime friend.

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