Cali and Her First Bath

If you're a Shh Tzu lover, you probably have many reasons for falling in love with these pups. In addition to being absolutely adorable, Shih Tzus also have amazin personalities. If you want to see the perfect combination of a cute face and a great personality, take a look at this video of Cali. This sweet baby is just five weeks old, and you can't help but to swoon over her adorable puppy dog eyes and furry face.

This video features Cali after her first bath. Even at such a young age, Cali already has a very calm demeanor. She allows her owner to dry her, as she lays back and enjoys it. After Cali is fully dried, her owner dresses her up with a cute bow. Cali certainly encompasses the cuteness that Shih Tzus are known for.

Just a note: If you plan to give your Shih Tzu its first bath, wait until around the 5-week mark. Make sure that you promptly dry your pup and keep her warm immediately after - you don't want her body temperature to drop. If you want to adorn your pup with a ribbon or costume, make sure there are no loose strings, beads, or other material that could pose a choking hazard.

For now, though, sit back, relax, and hit play while you enjoy watching Cali get her first bath. If you don't already love Shih Tzus, this video will certainly showcase just how cute and sweet these pups can be!

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