19 Must-Follow Shih Tzus On Instagram

Stay in touch with fellow pet parents and spend hours getting to know the cutest Shih Tzu celebrities through Instagram. The following ten accounts feature adorable Shih Tzus going about their daily lives, and they sure look cute doing it. These are just a select few of many accounts dedicated to documenting the fascinating lives of Shih Tzus. See who they are following for even more Shih Tzu updates!

1. Simba The Shihtzu

Simba was born on 9/10/12, lives in California, and has Facebook and Instagram pages.

2. Potato The Shih Tzu

As his owner says, this pup is "Just a small potato in the Big Apple!" His unique coloring and adorable face makes him one of the cutest Shih Tzus you've ever seen. Potato lives in New York City.

3. Dougie

Dougie has his own website and and sells t-shirts with his cute face printed on them. Dougie also has almost 400,000 fans following him on Instagram.

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