How to deal with vet phobia in your Shih Tzu

Vet phobia is common among many dog breeds. Shih Tzus are a breed that is not immune to this phobia. In fact, you will have to go through a lot of hassle before taking your Shih Tzu to the vet. That’s mainly because Shih Tzus do not prefer to let a stranger pet him, hold his paws, check his teeth, and check his ear temperature. Here is a list of some effective tricks that you can keep in mind in order to eliminate vet phobia in your Shih Tzu.

1. Be prepared

From planning how early to leave your house to making sure your dog has eaten, drank, and gotten rest before his appointment to bringing a comforting toy to have during the examination, it's important to be prepared. Make sure that you have everything you need, including a pet carrier, leash, treats, and toys. If your dog has a favorite blanket, bring that too. Make sure that you have the directions to the vet, you have the date and time correct for your appointment, and that you arrive a little early to fill out any paperwork. Nothing is worse than sitting at a vet with a hungry dog, arriving late, or just being unprepared for your appointment. If you get stressed, your Shih Tzu can pick up on these feelings and may get more stressed out, too.

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