Diva and Abba: Two Incredibly Spoiled Shih Tzu

Let’s admit it. We like spoiling our dogs. To other people, we may look like we're spluring on nonsense, but to us, we're showing our pet how much he or she is loved. It's almost like having children and wanting to give them the world. Our dogs give us love and loyalty, and we want to return the favor by buying them their favorite treats, toys, and other items. But how much is too much? Would you, for instance, spend over $30,000 on your pet? According to Ann McNeilage of Inverclyde, Scotland, it is all worth it.

Meet Diva and Abba, two of the most spoiled Shih Tzus in the world. Ann treats her two babies like her own daughters. She brings them along wherever she goes – wearing customized and expensive dog clothes. Girls really just wanna have fun, and Anne will not be thrifty about it. These pups have expensive wardrobes, their own chaise lounge, and other luxury items. Most of their items are pink and pastel.

They also have their own collection of DVDs that they get to enjoy with their owner during movie nights, and a wide selection of doggie perfumes. They can select their own perfume based on their mood of the day. According to Ann, the spoiling doesn’t end there. During Christmas, she maskes sure that Diva and Abba get the best presents. During this holiday, the princesses get presents, a new costume that they get to wear on Christmas Eve, and of course, get a delicious holiday meal. Their 50-year-old owner admits that these two animals can get really high maintenance, but she doesn’t mind. Although most of her salary goes to Diva and Abba and little for herself, this makes her very happy. And in the end, that's all that matters.

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