Do Shih Tzus Shed?

Some of the most popular dogs in the world are the ones that do not shed hair. If you're like so many others that suffer from allergies, it is very important to make sure your dog is hypoallergenic. These dogs are breeds that do not shed hair and thus do not cause a potential health risk to the owner. You won't just be able to go to the pet store or shelter and select just any dog. You will need to do your research. If you've been considering purchasing a Shih Tzu but you're not sure about their shedding habits, read on to find out if this breed is right for you.

To Shed or Not to Shed

Although Shih Tzus are said to be a hypoallergenic breed, they will still shed their coat as they are made up of hair, rather than fur. They shed hair every now and again, just as humans do, so it is impossible to keep it completely contained. This is due to the fact that this breed is known to have a double coat. Their hair is very long and while they don't shed often, it will occur from time to time, often without warning. You'll notice shedding most often after petting or grooming your pup. Shedding can increase if the dog's skin and coat are drier than normal. If even the thought of some hair is undesireable to you, there are some steps you can take to alleviate shedding.

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Ways to Keep the Hair Away

The type of dog food you feed your pet can make all the difference in their coat. If you feed your Shih Tzu the best dog food you can possibly find, that makes a difference in preventing the hair from becoming too dry and falling out. Not only that, but also brushing your Shih Tzu more often than not to stimulate the oil glands and keep the hair from getting matted and built up is also a sure-fire way to keep your dog more hypoallergenic than most. All in all, the basis of the story is to keep your dog well taken care of and you should have nothing to worry about. For all intents and purposes, this is a hypoallergenic breed but it does require some upkeep to keep it that way. There is no dog on the planet that never sheds hair, but if there is a dog breed that comes close, it's the Shih Tzu.

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