Five Tips on How to Bathe Your Shih Tzu

Bathing a dog can be an interesting experience and one that is often unlike how it is presented in TV shows and movies, where everyone is seemingly having a great time. While some breeds of dogs actually like to swim and don’t mind a bath, there are others that do not enjoy the experience at all, which can make bath time a hassle. In fact, most dogs don't like to be dirty, so having a bath is the last thing that they may enjoy.

However, instead of struggling to bathe your dog, here are five proven tips that will help make this chore much easier for both you and your pet. It's important to remember to start out slow, and the earlier you get your dog acclimated to to bathing and water, the better. However, even older dogs can learn to enjoy a bath, which is necessary to keep them clean and smelling great.

1. Puppy Love

When it comes to bathing dogs, a general rule of thumb is the younger, the better. Puppies generally do not have any ill association with warm water at this age, so it should be easier for them in general. The key is getting the puppy used to taking a bath so that it will be an experience they look forward to each time. Older dogs will require some more coaxing and persuasion.

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