Funny Shih Tzu That Sneezes On Command

Shih Tzus certainly are amazing dogs. In this YouTube video, one Shih Tzu has even learned how to sneeze on command! Whether she’s actually sneezing or not may be up for debate, but she sure looks and sounds like she is! It’s truly wonderful how these cute dogs can learn so many things. They love to be with their owners and make them smile, so it's no surprise that a Shih Tzu would put on such a performance!

The Shih Tzu in the Video

While you may not be able to teach your own dog to sneeze, it’s so funny to watch this dog do it! It’s really amazing that this dog was able to learn the connection between a natural occurrence and a command and figure out either how to fake it or do it on command. If you're trying to teach your dog a new trick, remember this: Be patient because they won’t learn a trick immediately! They just want to make you happy, so remember to reward often!

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