Gizmo the Shih Tzu and a Goat

Shih Tzus are known to be one of the friendliest creatures on earth. Their trusting and joyful demeanor makes them endearing to anyone they meet. They always crave attention and lots of play from everyone around them. They truly are angels sent to this earth to bring positive vibes and smiles to mankind. To prove how gregarious these furballs can be, here is a video of an unlikely friensdship between a Shih Tzu and a completely different species.

Here is Gizmo, your typical Shih Tzu, getting to know a goat. It is obvious that Gizmo wants to become friends with this animal, but the goat isn't going for it. The goat is not familiar with this strange, furry dog, so it just pushes Gizmo away. Gizmo, on the other hand, gets scared but still pushes through his plan. It just goes to show that Shih Tzus never give up on trying to make a friend. Their unassuming personalities are like a bowl of kindness they willingly offer to anyone they meet – no matter what sort of treatment they receive in return. Though this video ended up not so good for Gizmo, what truly mattered is he tried. His cuteness wasn’t lessened, and we are certainly impressed.

Goats are known to be stubborn and hot-headed, so they have a tendency to kick and butt. They make look cuddly, especially when they are still tiny, but these animals have a strong personality - something Gizmo had to learn the hard way. While Gizmo didn't succeed in making a new friend, this video shows just how friendly and non-judgemental these creatures are - and that is what makes Gizmo such a loveable Shih Tzu.

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