Grace Before Meal

Humans have different religions, but many of us believe that there is an unseen and powerful force over the universe. As humans, we may pray and worship a higher being, but what about our pets? Here are two Shih Tzu who will remind you how important a prayer before a meal is – in the most adorable way.

Ladies and gentlemen, here are Jaisan and Jia, two talented Shih Tzus who will impress you with their skills. We often see dogs performing tricks like sit, fetch, roll over and play dead. Although these antics are truly fun to watch, two praying dogs are completely rare and different. Before eating, these two furballs know how to restrain themselves so they don't immediately dive headfirst into their food bowls. Instead, they sit beside their bowls and put two paws together to pray. As their owner thanks the Lord Almighty for the dogs’s meals and for providing Jaisan and Jia a loving home, the two dogs look as though they are intently praying along. Once the prayer ends, the two are then allowed to enjoy their kibble - a blessing from doggy heaven.

Although the praying trick looks simple, this is one of the difficult moves to teach a dog - especially when a food bowl is present. Dogs have a tendency to ignore whatever is around once food is available. For this trick, it takes time and effort to properly train a Shih Tzu to refrain from eating and do the trick. If you want to try this at home with your own dog, practice first without food, and give only rewards or treats. Once your dogs understands the command, practice with his food bowl. This may take some time, but seeing your Shih Tzu “pray” at the end of the day will surely make you a very grateful owner.

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