The Right Shih Tzu Haircut?

    Shih Tzus are known for their cute faces, expressive eyes and distinct hair. The hair of this breed is possibly the first thing you would notice. Their hair is long, beautiful, and grows very fast. That also poses a huge challenge for those who have a Shih Tzu at home. One has to invest time and money on grooming the a Shih Tzu's hair. And that kind of grooming can be quite demanding. On a positive note, most people who have a Shih Tzu actually love to experiment with the canine’s hair and that makes for a fascinating experience.

    This Shih Tzu Has Better Hair Than Anyone We Know

    Kuma the Shih Tzu has great style - and her owner loves to dress her up in fun costumes and try out funky and adorable hairstyles.

    Top 6 Shih Tzu Haircuts

    There's no denying that the Shih Tzu breed is gorgeous, and part of this breed's appeal is its long, glorious hair. However, don't think that this is all natural. Part of owning a Shih Tzu is the time and money spent to keep its hair looking beautiful. Because this dog has so much hair, you can experiment with a variety of versatile cuts and styles. Does your Shih Tzu need a new look? Read on to learn about the top six haircuts that can make your pet look and feel like a whole new pup!

    How to Trim a Shih Tzu

    Trimming Shih Tzus can be a task if you do not know what you are doing. If done improperly, you risk injuring your dog, or at the very least, giving your pet a terrible haircut. There are even certain breeds that should be groomed a certain way or you risk damaging their hair. Shih Tzus, for instance, are unique dogs that must be groomed very carefully. Whether you are trying to groom, shave, trim, or cut the hair of a Shih Tzu, the more you know about the topic, the better. There is always the option of letting a breeder

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