Happily At Home: Puppy’s First Day

Do you remember the day when you first brought your pet home? How was it? Was it an anxious or scary experience for you? Or a fun and exciting one? Adding a new furry member to your pack is always a challenge. There are a lot of adjustments to be made. You will have to plan ahead and puppy-proof your house to keep your pup safe and to avoid broken items in your home. You may find it stressful and patience-demanding most of the time; but once you see your little ball of fur greeting you at your front door, trust me, all the hardwork will pay off. Just like children who demand so much of our patience, these four-legged friends can be quite a handful, but having one in your home is all worth it.

Watching this video will surely make you nostalgic about the times when you just got a new puppy. Since different breeds have their own unique personalities, you may have had a different experience than this one. But if you get a Shih Tzu – Maltese mix like this one, you are surely in for a charming treat. Both of these breeds are known for their attachment to humans, and they are two of the most kept dogs in domestication. Simply speaking, they looooooove humans. You can’t really trust them as guard dogs because technically, they will never do the guarding since they will just want to play - just like this little puppy who seems to be having a great time in his new home. He also seems to love the camera as he is clearly enjoying every single moment of his movie. This cute little thing won’t stop jumping and barking at the camera as if urging it to play with him. Even though he is still new to the house, this puppy doesn’t seem to mind his new environment and looks so comfortable and happy in it. He even has his new chew toy to play and run around with. This puppy's cute face and adorable behavior in this video is sure to put a smile on your face.

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