Ten Early Signs that Your Shih Tzu May have Cancer

    Cancer can affect your Shih Tzu just like it affects humans. And just like humans, the early signs of cancer may be difficult to spot or diagnose. Cancer is more common in older dogs, although it can also develop in younger dogs and puppies on rare occasions. Spotting the signs early can help you seek treatment for your pet, which may stop and reverse the progress of the cancer before it gets too far to be properly treated. Here are the ten early signs that your dog may have cancer.

    5 Things To Do For Psychological Well-Being of Your Shih Tzu

    Caring for the psychological well-being of your Shih Tzu is integral to the dog’s overall health and safety. A dog that is doing well psychologically is a dog that is better off as a whole. This allows him or her to adapt to changes, manage stressful situations, and become a loving and friendly member of the family. There are steps that you can take to make sure that your dog is psychologically well. With patience, care, and understanding, you can make sure your Shih Tzu is happy, healthy, and comfortable.

    5 Tips For Rotating Your Dog’s Protein Source

    As a responsible pet owner, one of the most important parts of caring for your dog is keeping an eye on his or her health. When it comes to the health of your pet, few things are more important than monitoring the diet of your dog. Instead of just buying the same old kibble day in and day out, why not try rotating protein sources? Unlike a conventional feeding plan, which is the same food for every meal, a rotating plan allows you to switch up what your do eats on a regular basis. This means that he or she

    5 Tips On Caring For Senior Shihtzu

    Before you know it, your beloved Shih Tzu puppy will grow up to be a full-grown dog. Watching your pet grow up is an amazing experience, but watching your dog grow old is not desirable at all. Yet, you have to deal with the inevitable and you must be prepared to watch your pet get older and deal with the challenes that come with that. Many pet owners do not realize how crucial their role is when a dog grows old. The affection and care will have to be redefined to keep the dog happy, healthy, and comfortable in the

    5 Tips On Taking Care Of Shih Tzu Puppies

    Shih Tzu puppies are adorable, fun-loving, and intelligent. However, these little guys can certainly be needy, and it's up to you - the owner - to provide adequate care to your dog. Raising and training puppies can be frustrating and even exhausting, but with proper care, you'll have a longtime four-legged friend that will love you unconditionally. If you've just gotten a new Shih Tzu puppy or you're considering bringing one of these fluffy pals into your household, read on to find out some important tips regarding the care of your new pet.

    Tips For Shih Tzu Dry Nose Issues

    Healthy Shih Tzu dogs usually have cool and moist noses. If you see any unusual dryness in the nose of your Shih Tzu, this could indicate a health issue. Remember, if your dog's nose is consistently dry and your pet shows other symptoms, the advice of a vet should be sought.

    Top 8 health benefits from owning a Shih Tzu

    Did you know that your Shih Tzu is one of the best doctors that you could ever have? Yes, you read that right. Your furry companion is also one of the best doctors that you have had, not just because of their stress-relieving cuteness, but because they can also improve your mental and physical health. In fact, according to recent research, many organizations are promoting dog visits to various hospitals because dogs have the ability to improve the patient’s mental health while undergoing therapy. Furthermore, owning a Shih Tzu is also proven to decrease blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels, ease

    Top 8 Shih Tzu Dog Behavior Issues

    Shih Tzu dogs have a lot about them that you just love. However, they also have some behavioral issues that you need to keep in mind as you train and bring them into your home. Below are the top 8 behavioral issues you will encounter.

    Five Warning Signs of Depression In Shih Tzus

    Depression doesn't just affect humans. Did you know that it can impact your dog too? While people who are depressed demonstrate obvious signs that something is wrong, dogs may show somewhat different signs that may not be as easily recognized. Unfortunately, while humans can tell each other directly about what is wrong with them, the actions of dogs have to be deciphered before any treatment can be given.

    Warning Signs that Your Shih Tzu has a Heart Problem

    People are not the only ones who may suffer from heart issues. This is also a problem that may plague dogs.

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