Five Helpful House-training Hints

Some aspects of owning a dog are easy - like playing with your pup or taking walks together. However, housetraining them can be one of the frustrations you face as a pet parent. This task can be complicated because we expect too much from our dogs, we don't give our dos the right signals, or we just don't know what we're doing. When we don't know how to train our dogs, our dogs can get confused - which can lead to accidents and behavioral issues that we'd rather avoid.

If you own a puppy or dog that has not been house trained, you'll need to commit to practice and patience. If you carve out time for training, you'll have more chance of success. Training allows you to spend plenty of time with your four-legged friend and can even be used to bond with your pet. It is, however, easy to lose hope housetraining with no results, and you may be tempted to throw in the towel. However, you and your pet can get through this with ease with these five tips.

1.You can take your dog out – You can take your dog out while housetraining, but make sure to keep your pet within your yard. Use a leash to walk your dog to a designated area. Stand still and let your dog take the lead to find the "right place." Your dog may take quite a while to find a spot that he wants to use. Just be patient, and wait. If your dog doesn't go the first time, try again soon after.

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