How to Control your Shih Tzu’s Fear Biting and Excessive Barking?

Even if you’re a dog lover, you will definitely get pissed when your dog is crazy over barking. This is one the reason that makes Shih Tzu owner frustrated and terrified. Once someone or something have set them off, they can get themselves worked-up into lather. If you are not there to stop them, expect for noise to lat half an hour; you need to gently train to obtain positive result.
Regardless if you want to see them highly alert to have you warned once something in the surrounding is not ordinary, having them barking all the time can be very disturbing. As their owner, you must know when to stop or control them. If there is something you don’t want to bark, calmly tell them to stop. But, you still need to praise them for letting you known and train them not to bark over a certain thing or person starting now.
During the punitive training, it’s best to use rewards. Nevertheless, there are times that you need to catch your pet’s attention once they worked-up into bark. This is best done using noise spray with water bottle or noise maker. You do not need to spend money over noise maker since you can make your own using simply items such as putting beans or popcorn in a can then seal it.

Furthermore, there are some Shih Tzu’s who have negative habit of “whining” once left alone. To keep this down or eliminate such attitude, there’s an effective training you can do. You can start walking or playing fetch, since this act is a form of exercise, this can add great benefit to their health. There are people who are having a hard time in getting their pet fit due to a hectic schedule. As their owner, you must fully understand and get fully committed about their needs. They need regular exercise to address their health needs and behavioral problems as well. Half mile walk is sufficient, and you can also get two dogs to solve such dilemma, just make sure to make them feel that you’re the boss and you’re the one who has the final say about the activity.
Based on a research, dogs have view that some actions of humans are “incomprehensible”. You need to be more firm, instructional, loving and act as a good teacher or leader during your training. Humans need to know how to act accordingly and how to avoid stop startling a dog. They get startled just by yelling or by wearing hats. But, once they get familiar or they get used to it, they will easily loosen up and appreciate people and other dogs around them.
Moreover, one more troubling issues for Shih Tzu and owners is an ill-fated possibility to acquire fear of biting. This dilemma is commonly encountered by smaller dogs. Such behavior is commonly allied to dogs that poorly socialize like victims of physical and verbal abuse and puppies. It’s important to let them meet wide diversity of dogs, people and situation to fight fear.

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