How to Help Your Shih Tzu Safely Lose Weight

We all know how it goes. You get a little bit lazy, you start to enjoy your favorite snack a little too much, and suddenly, you’ve gained a few pounds. Not only can you see it, but you can feel it too: you’re more sluggish and you don’t quite feel like yourself. We aren’t the only ones that have to worry about this problem – our Shih Tzus do, too!

The difference between them and us is that we can get up off of the couch, motivate ourselves, and decide to start living a healthier lifestyle. Unfortunately, our pets don’t have that choice. They’re totally dependent on us, and as our owners, it’s up to us to make sure that we keep our pets in the best shape. Not only will they look and feel better, but maintaining a healthy weight can also help stave off deadly diseases that could shorten the lifespans of our furry friends. If your pet has put on a little bit of weight, don’t worry – there’s still hope.

You obviously won’t be putting them on “The Biggest Loser” or attending weight loss meetings with them, but there are a few safe, healthy ways you can help your pet get back to his or her healthiest self.

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