Tips to keep your Shihtzu happy

Everyone wants a happy pet. Barring those who don’t like pets, no one will be happy if the beloved dog is depressed or not acting like its usual self. Some dogs are less expressive than others, so they may not appear to be very happy, but as long as they are having a good time and not brooding or feeling sad, you should be a happy pet owner.

Whether your dog is always feeling happy or you just want to give him a pick-me-up, here are some tips to keep your dog happy.

• Indulge in regular grooming. From brushing its coat to regular haircuts, if your dog looks great, he'll feel great, too! • Always keep your dog well fed. Don’t allow it to overeat but never let it go hungry. All dogs love good meals and treats. • Keep insects, fleas and allergens out of your house. Dogs get irritated and are often helpless when they are infested with with fleas or have to deal with an allergic reaction. • Always have some playtime with your dog. Don’t just focus on walks, exercises and training. You need to have some fun with your pet. • Don’t provide stale water to your dog. Don’t have its bowl filled up with water that has been sitting there for two days or more. Make sure to keep fresh water out for your dog at all times to keep your pet happy and healthy. • Take your dog out, not just for a walk or some exercise, but on a ride or on a weekend trip as well.

• Always consult a vet whenever there is a cause for concern. Don’t wait for too long and don’t try to figure out the treatments yourself. Let a vet do the job. Dogs don’t always like vets, but if they're sick, they'll feel much better and will be happier after a trip to the vet. • Your home should be dog friendly. Take out all tools, furniture, or appliances that can cause harm to your dog. Keep such items away from the dog’s reach. Don’t allow your dog anywhere in the house that is not safe for him. Pets don't understand how to use human items, and they may become injured - or worse - if allowed these things. • Always ensure that your dog has the right body weight. An obese dog is not healthy and thus, it cannot be happy. Even if your dog likes to binge eat and is apt to put on weight, it is your responsibility to keep it active and fit. • Clip the nails at the right time, provide some toys, always have some treats around in the house, give it some freedom as long as the actions don’t have adverse consequences and don’t be harsh at any point in time, either verbally or physically. You must also emote well and positively. Dogs react to emotions and gestures.

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