How to wash your ShihTzu!

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A well groomed shihtzu is not just more attractive and adorable but also healthier. Dogs or puppies that aren’t kept clean and are not in hygienic settings will be vulnerable to a wide range of ailments, mostly infections. Also, grooming makes a dog feel loved and cared for, something that the canine is very fond of. Dogs that don’t feel loved can be depressed, broody and may not be its natural self. It is thus necessary to groom your dog with religious regularity and that starts with washing or bathing your dog regularly.

Before we talk about how to wash your dog, it is necessary to state that dogs don’t have a generic bathing schedule. You must consider the breed, the type of skin and coat a dog has, the age and the kind of activities that the canine indulges in. Consult a vet before you chalk out a schedule.


Here is how you should wash your shihtzu.

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  1. The Wrights says:

    We don’t have a tub that we can wash our mixed breed dog in. We have a kitchen sink that we wash our dog in. She is a ShihTzu & Pomeranian mixed dog. She somewhat enjoys her bath time.

  2. Val thomas says:

    Very interesting

  3. Val thomas says:

    Very interesting

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