How to know Shih Tzu medical emergency?

A pet owner must understand the personality of their dog to identify when they may not be feeling well. It is easy to take a dog's health for granted because dogs tend to be playful all the time, even when they are sick. Illness is uncomfortable for your pet, even if they cannot verbalize it. While some ailments require treatment from a vet, there are some common problems that you may be able to identify or treat at home. Here is how to offer some relief for common conditions, as well as signs that indicate you should seek emergency help. Remember, you will typically only be able to identify that there is something amiss with your dog if you have taken the time to study them when they are healthy and happy.

Breathing difficulties

If a pet has trouble breathing, it means that the brain may not be getting enough oxygen, which could lead to shock. If the tongue starts to turn blue, there is heavy gasping and fast paced breathing, consult a vet immediately. Serious breathing issues should not be treated at home.

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