Lacey and Her Happy Blanket

We all have our happy place - maybe it's even an area in the house where we feel most at home and content. Animals, too, have their favorites that make them feel secure and happy. Perhaps it's just personal space like a comfortable crate or even just an object they cling onto or bring along wherever they go. Take Lacey here, for example. She is so ecstatic while playing with her red blanket that she demands attention from anyone in the room.

Shih Tzus have a tendency to look like stuffed toys when they are not moving. With their long hair on the ears and face and big bulging eyes, they look adorable without even having to do anything!

But Lacey shows us that she is more than a pretty face. She goes around munching on her blanket and happily flies around the room like a bullet. She carries the blanket from time to time but usually ends up chasing her tail. She is definitely not lonely, and she isn't just bored. In fact, she has Lexi, a grumpy blue Persian, to keep her company.

However, it seems like Lexi is not into play mode and just chooses to ignore Lacey's sweet nudgings. It is actually surprising that Lacey and Lexi did not end up fighting.

This much energy radiating from a dog is normally distracting and irritating for cats.

Lacey is definitely lucky to have a patient cat around as she handles all of her excitement.

It is such a joy to see a dog this happy. Imagine being welcomed home by a fluffy creature who has nothing but smiles upon seeing you. It would be enough for you to turn on your video camera to record these amazing memories.

Whether it is the owner, Lexi or the blanket that’s causing Lacey’s outburst of excitement, it doesn't matter. We are just ecstatic to see a Shih Tzu so happy and joyful!

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