Lacey Is Crazy Over Mr. Pumpkin

If you are an avid fan of Shih Tzu videos, then surely, this Shih Tzu here is not a new acquaintance to you.

Lacey actually has lots of videos and fans on her YouTube page, which she also happens to share with a grumpy blue Persian cat name Lexi.

Their moments together are captured on camera and shared on their YouTube page for all the world to enjoy.

When watching her videos, you cannot deny the fact that Lacey is truly an adorable canine with a massive and exciting personality.

In this particular video, Lacey is having a very jolly afternoon in the house with her favorite pal, a soft orange stuffed toy with a pumpkin face.

We'll just call him Mr. Pumpkin for now. In this four minute video, there is not much action except Lacey going around and around in circles and playing with her toy.

Her owner, who gladly categories along for Lacey’s enjoyment, kept on tossing the toy to the much-delighted Shih Tzu. It may seem as though Lacey was going to play catch with her owner, this was not the case.

She is simply as happy as she can be when she sees Mr. Pumpkin flying through the air toward her.

As all these actions are happening, Lexi quietly watches everything and simply grumps around the bed as if saying, “Laying in bed is my kind of fun.” Lexie and Lacey may be two different animals and they clearLy have different types of fun, but they sure are happy in the arms of their loving and fun owner.

Shih Tzus may be well-known for their fun-loving demeanors, but each one is still unique in its own way. Lacey here is obviously packed with lots of energy and pumped up with happiness, while some Shih Tzus would prefer lying on the couch with you all day.

Active or not, friendly or introvert, any Shih Tzu has its own craziness to offer, and we think that is what makes them truly adorable.

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