Lacey Wants To Play With Lexie

Dogs and cats are two animals that are considered to be the closest to human beings. They can live with us harmoniously and can adjust to our lifestyles. Both are generally safe for children, and as pet lovers would say, they are capable of unconditional love and never ending sweetness. Even though they are seen as loving creatures, sometimes they don't get along with each other. In some rare cases, they get along, but usually, it ends in catastrophe. This is a story of a Shih Tzu named Lacey who tries her best to get house cat Lexie to play with her. Let us see if she was successful in her mission.

The video opens with a fluffy dog trying to get the attention of the Persian cat. Both are fluffy and adorable, but it's obvious they're both very different. Lacey, the persistent little pooch, tries to win over Lexie by staring at her and nudging her for a game. The cat, on the other hand, kept on staring at Lacey as if telling her to stay away from her because otherwise, there will be chaos. Since Lacey is a Shih Tzu and these dogs are known to be uber friendly, Lacey didn’t mind the cat’s snobbish antics. She even went on marathon around the room and almost got hit by Lexie’s paws. Dogs may start off as giddy clowns when they see other animals, but when they are provoked – especially by cats - they can typically turn into wild beasts. We should be thankful that Lacey and Lexie’s afternoon bonding didn’t end up as a nightmare for their owner. Let’s just hope that they both stay out of each other's sights and out of trouble.

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