9 Lovable Facts about Shih Tzu

You can't deny that the Shi Tzu is one of the most adorable furry companions out there. This cute and tiny dog is so irrestible, it was kept by royalty in China during the Ming Dynasty. Aside from that, the Shih Tzu breed is also very friendly and has an amazing personality. Their size, cute faces, and behaviors make them truly hard to resist.

Aside from those things, there are other things that make this dog so loveable. Here, we have nine facts that show why Shih Tzus are quite simply the best!

1. They are true and comforting companions

Unlike other kinds of dogs, Shih Tzus don't guard, her, or hunt. They are just bred to be a companion for their owners, which means that they'll be there for you - no matter what.

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