9 Lovable Facts about Shih Tzu

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2.Can easily adapt – compared to other dogs that can’t survive when placed to a certain area or location, Shih Tzu is not. It is because Shih Tzu is one of the dogs that can easily change or adapt themselves to places. So you can just live with it in an apartment or far-reaching countryside places.


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  1. Kathryn Poulton says:

    Thank you so much for all information about my pet shih tuz. Please keep me informed in regards to updated information on Shih Tuz’s. Thank you! πŸ™‚

  2. Yolanda Ramos says:

    I want too learn more i have a shih tzu’s. Thanks!!

  3. Nancy says:

    At 6 months old, I put my puppy out for 12 min and she comes inside and poops. Why

  4. Estela says:

    I have my Shihtzu I called her my little Angel. She’s a nice girl I have no.problem with her but, she’s a spoiled little girl with my hubby.she likes to eat fruits like Banana, apples, oranges. I make a homemade food with veggies for her and she loved to eat together with us. We live n the apartment I trained her where to poop and pee by using the training pad.. Twice in a week I brush her teeth.she likes to follow when ever I go and she knows I’m making her meal likes to watch me what I’m doing in the kitchen n.

  5. rose says:

    I have never had anything but shih tzu’s. the best doggies on earth. I am with estel my two are spoiled rotten and I just pay the rent. I cook all their food and make all their treats.

  6. vicki says:

    shih tzus do not have fur they have hair much like humans that is double coated therefore needs to be brushed like a human does

  7. annie dumont says:

    j n et pas les moyen j vient de perdre le mien ky avait 18ans s y kelkun en a 1 merci cetait mon bb monte sur la table dort avec moi jen suis malade

  8. annie dumont says:

    cherche 1 shih tzu perdu le mien

  9. Sue smith says:

    Gmy Shih tzu is 6 months old and still has no bottom teeth at the front why??

  10. Ilona van Galen says:

    Estela….why isn’t she aloud to poop outside??? I live in an apartment but I trained her to poop outside….I think the little one doesn’t like to poop indoors!! Why don’t you walk with her??

  11. mo says:

    Nancy be very very strict on this, Keep throwing her out until she [poops and wee’s then praise her with a biscuit. Kepp doing it don’t even let her in until she learns your carpet isnt a toilet. Dont fall soft, She will get there.

  12. Vicky Butt says:

    Give lots of praise when she goes potty outside!! Be excited and give lots of love!! Takes awile but they do get the hang of it!!

  13. Vicky Butt says:

    SHI TZU’s have hair not fur. ?

  14. Vicky Butt says:

    My biggest pet peeve is… Please keep the hair by their eye’s trimmed or pulled back!! You as a human wouldn’t like it if you got an eye infection or can’t see due to the hair in the way!! You can buy a Wahl peanut shaver ($11.00 walmart) or only use scissors (sp?) if your dog/puppy does’nt move too much or get them used to blunt scissors. I use my hand around the scalp,palm against the left ear thumb on forehead,pinky under the chin and hold their head in your hand gently but firmly. This way you have more control over their head movements. And won’t cut them. I suggest get them used to you touching them all over,feet,teeth,ears,privates. So you can clean them and check for health issues! I don’t touch my dogs ear hair(it hu t ts to have the ear hair pulled out!) and in 9yrs only a puppy infection! If you don’t mess with the bacteria flora in the ear and keep the ears dry! They won’t get an ear infection! But do clean after their weekly bath,shower. Build a strong trust with them and they will love you always ? Best wishes enjoy your doggie! Any Q’s just ask

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