Eight Must-have Shih Tzu Products

Bringing home a new puppy is a lot like bringing home a new baby - you'll need to be prepared with everything they need to keep them healthy, happy, and comfortable. Many people who decide to get a new puppy don’t think about all the things they will need for the training and care of their new family member. Being prepared in advance can be the difference in whether or not your new puppy makes a smooth transition into the family. To get ready, here are eight must-have puppy products you should purchase before you bring that adorable new family member home.

1) Bowls for Food and Water

The puppy will need water and food bowls when he or she arrives in their new home. There are lots of options, so the best choice for your puppy should be determined by the size of the puppy now and its expected size as it grows. Look for dishwasher-safe bowls for easy cleaning. Plastic bowls are the least expensive option, however, it is important to note that plastic can harbor residue and bacteria that can lead to illness. If you decide on plastic bowls, be sure to clean them regularly and replace when they begin to show wear or dents.

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