Natural Remedies for Shih Tzu Skin Problems

Skin problems in your Shih Tzu can lead to irritation, discomfort, and, possibly, infections. For you, all of this can lead to stress and worries as you try to help your little friend feel better. The best way to tackle these issues is by using natural remedies, eliminating the potentially harmful or irritating ingredients found in many products these days. Natural remedies are effective, reliable, and, best of all, safe. You can use these for nearly any concern you may have with your dog.

Before choosing a natural remedy, you should first make sure that you know the source of the skin problem. Not all skin problems are equal, and not all remedies will help all problems. Understanding the source of the problem will make it easier to find an appropriate and effective treatment.

Remove the Source

Sometimes, an external source is the cause of the skin irritation. In these cases, you will want to remove that source. Fleas, certain foods and products, the environment, and allergies all play a role in this. There are numerous potential external causes for skin irritation, and removing them from your dog’s life, or learning how to manage their presence, is essential in reducing the irritation.

Make sure that you plan and choose around the external causes of irritation. This is the best way to reduce the likelihood of the irritation worsening or returning.

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