Not In The Mood?

Have you ever had a day where you're just not "feeling it?" All you want is to stay in all day and forget about all the worries in the world. It could be because of family issues, stress at work, or heartache. Maybe you're just having a bad day for no particular reason at all.

If we feel emotionally run down, we have a tendency to shut down. We are only human, and sometimes, we let our daily problems take over our emotions and control us. But what about dogs? Do they have the mentality to shut down and become indifferent to everything around them? Well, perhaps this video will answer that question.

We know Shih Tzus are dogs that have bright personalities. They're fun-lovin, sweet, and caring creatures that love playing and getting attention from everyone around them.

This is the reason why this clip is vety interesting. The Shih Tzu who stars in this video simply just doesn't want to face this day. His owner tries to play with him by throwing a ball, but this pup just isn't interested.

He may look at it for some time, but it seems like he's determined to stay on the stair step. As much as we want to understand what this Shih Tzu is going through, we have no way of knowing why he was in such a bad mood during this recording.

Nevertheless, he is still absolutely adorable. Even when he's in a bad mood, he looks like a cute teddy bear just hanging out on the stairs, just showing us that no matter how a Shih Tzu feels, they're still deserving of our love.

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