6 Odd Things That Puppies Do

With their own unique personalities, dogs can act pretty odd. But you haven't seen anything until you observe a puppy for a day or two. Puppies are known for showing their personalities and engaging in weird behaviors - no matter who's watching!

Some of these behaviors may be seen as crazy, while others are funny. However, all of them are amazing and show just how much personality dogs truly have.

1) Out-of-water paddling

A dog does not hesitate to paddle his or her legs to swim upon entering water. It’s an inbred nature that allows dogs to save themselves in case they fall into water. You will discover that your dog will instantly stop paddling once you let him or her out of the water. However, this may not always be the case with puppies. Whether they just like paddling or they're convinced they're still in water, some puppies will continue paddling after they're back on dry land.

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