7 reasons to adopt a senior Shih Tzu dog

While a Shih Tzu puppy may be appealing because it is just too adorable, you shouldn't necessarily rule out an older dog. With so many older Shih Tzus being taken in by shelters and rescues, you should consider adopting a senior if you're looking to add to your family. Why should you adopt a senior Shih Tzu? Check out the following seven reasons.

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1) Older Shih Tzus need love too

There are many reasons why senior Shih Tzus end up in shelters. Perhaps the owner is moving and can't take the dog or maybe the previous owner just didn't have time for their pet anymore. Just because they're in a shelter doesn't mean they had behavioral or health issues. In fact, many adopters find shelter dogs to be the kindest, most loving dogs out there. Whatever the case may be, an older dog doesn't deserve to be in a cage or crate and would love to come home with you!

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